Rroo's Training Log

Starting one of these because I spend a lot of work hours staring at the python console training a model.

I’m starting a new program tomorrow. Prior to this I’ve run Super Squats, Easy Strength, and Dan John’s Transformation Program.

I tend to do conditioning on the off days.

I workout at home and have just an axle, weights, and a pullup bar. Recently purchased farmers handles and a swing handle to increase my movement selection.

Today’s Workout:

Tested out my new Spud Inc farmer’s handles with very light carries (25kg/hand) for 8 lengths of my garden.

Then I did hill sprints x4 with a minute rest starting at the top of the hill. Feel pretty tired after that. I suspect the Transformation Program was not very good for my conditioning or work capacity.

Interesting fact: The handles can be used as a suspension trainer too. Much nicer feel in comparison to something like a TRX or wooden rings


I’m finding the format of this forum kind of tricky so apologies if the formatting is all messed up.

Today’s session was press

  • Press - 60kgx8
    Really happy with this as I haven’t touched a weight this heavy in weeks. The plan with this set is go for something in the 5-10 range with a weight. When I hit 10 I graduate to the next weight. Hopefully next week I can hit 10

  • Dips 88kg+15kg SS Kelso Shrugs 30kg - (4x10, 7) SS (5x10)
    Because of plate maths I could only do the shrugs with 60kg or 30kg. I went for 30 because I’ve never done them before. I’ll definitely choose the heavier weight next time.

  • Axle Curls 20kg SS Lateral Raises 5kg - (5x10) SS (2x20, 1x10)

Really happy with this session. Going to hit 100 reps of band pullaparts and 20 pullups over the course of the day.

My weight was kind of low today, I’m going to focus on eating and working out for the next 6 weeks and see where I end up after that.

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I am a big fan of everything this is about.

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Thank you! I have the plan, now to follow through.

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Today was squats

  • Zercher Squats 80kgx10

Lots of unfamiliar movements in this program. I’m happy to move up to 90kg so soon. When I hit 100kg and run out of weights I’m just going to add reps until I get more plates. Currently saving…

  • Good Mornings 30kg SS Kneeling Ab Wheel - (3x12) SS (3x8)
    Ab wheel was super tough but the movement finally feels right after a long block of Dan John style ab work (1x5s, 2x5s, or 1x10 every training day)

  • Belt Squats +20kg - 2x25
    Super weird movement, my buddy recommended them and he has a 200kg squat.

Burst through another pair of pants, the woes of not having a Hank Hill ass

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~7km run in ~43:00. 05:00 PR on the same distance from last week!

Definitely a bit bloated from eating more regularly but I’m feeling hungrier quicker between meals already. My complete lack of anything to do is really showing. Going back and forth over whether or not to do loaded carries on Thursdays or just make it a completely off day. Maybe I’ll wait and see how I feel?

Continuing the daily work, 100 BPAs during the course of the work day and then 20 pullups in the evenings

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oouch :scream:

The axle makes them easier on the elbows. Or maybe my weights are too light

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Today was dips

  • BW+20kg x10

Grinder of a last rep. Loved it. No idea what my BW is currently and I won’t be checking until the end of six weeks so don’t ask.

  • Press SS Rows - (50kgx10, 40kgx4x10) SS (40kgx5x10)

The first set of 50 was very tough after the dips so I dropped the weight and just about made the other 4 sets.

  • Band pushdowns - 100 reps


Daily work continues with BPAs and pullups. Been reading ‘Worm’ as an ebook. Currently 1500 pages in, which is apparently only 30% of the way. Would recommend regardless

Yesterday I had a nap.

Today was Axle DL

  • 90kgx10

Far too easy tbh, going to have to figure out how to make these harder

  • T Handle Swings 25kg SS Kneeling Ab Wheel - (4x12) SS (3x12, 1x10)

  • Kroc Rows 25kg - 1x30

  • Belt Squats 20kg - 1x30, 1x20

Happy enough with my first week of this program. Going to start pushing the poundages, both on the bar and on me. Stuck with my eating schedule perfectly which I’m also super happy about. Had one of these today:

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Did some farmers walks today

3 “back and forths” of my garden with 45kg in each hand. My forearms are painfully pumped. Really didn’t enjoy it I was stumbling like a drunk so I think this is a real weak point I can hopefully get some benefits from improving.

Press again

  • Press 60kgx10

A nice PR to start the week. A definite RPE 10

  • Dips BW+15kg SS Kelso Shrugs 60kg - 5x10

  • Curls 30kg SS Lateral Raises 5kg/hand - (4x10) SS (4x20)

Got as far as the shower and realised I forgot to do the last set of curls and raises. Meh.

Daily work continues

Squats, I’m annoyed that I chickened out of a hard set

  • 90kgx3

Definitely could’ve done more. Will do more next time.

  • Good Mornings 40kg SS Standing Ab Wheel - (4x12) SS (4x3)


  • Belt Squats 20kg - 1x50

I know I’m pushing myself hard enough when I feel nauseous after a set. Definitely did that a few times today as punishment for squats

Today I did hill sprints. Big Hill at the local park for 5 sprints. My rest period was 01:00/the time it took to jog down the hill.

Feels like the end of a flu when your lungs are clearing of crap.

Dips again today

  • BW+25kgx10

  • Press 40kg SS Rows 40kg - (10, 10, 10, 6, 10) SS (5x10)

  • Band Pushdowns 1x100

Really enjoying dips as a main movement. No need to fiddle around with technique or setup. You just push up. I have also started really focusing on my back when doing rows. It definitely makes a world of difference. I had previously gone up to 120kg for sets 8 on cheat rows and had/have quite an underdeveloped upper back. Hopefully this approach does the trick.

Thursday I had a nap. Also walked the dog and did my daily upper back work.

Currently it is absolutely lashing rain so I think I will move my workout to Saturday. I don’t mind working out in the rain but it’s very bad for my equipment, especially when the humidity is high.

  • Axle Deadlift 100kgx8

Grip gave out first, go figure. I’m between two minds on how to progress these going forward. I will either choose a harder variation (Something like a Yates DL) or keep adding reps. Maybe both?

  • T-handle swings 30kg SS Standing Ab Wheel - (3x12) SS (2x4, 1x3)

  • Kroc Rows 30kg - 1x30 each hand

  • Belt Squats 25kg - 2x25

  • Press 70kgx2

Not used to the heavier weight yet. I know for sure the strength is there, just need the confidence.

  • Dips BW+20kg SS Kelso Shrugs 60kg - 5x10

  • Curls 30kg SS Lateral Raises 5kg/hand - 5x10 SS 5x20

Been slacking a bit with the daily chinups but that’s okay because I get them done most of the time.

Realised I’m probably overthinking the running thing, especially when I’m supposed to be focusing on gaining weight. I reread the running section from the Complete Keys to Progress and just went for a short 1600m around the local park.

Also did my 20 pullups and 100 band pull aparts. Chins are either (8, 8, 4), 5’s, or 3’s

Today I did my squats even though I really did not want to.

  • Zercher Squat - 90kgx6

  • KB Swing 30kg SS Standing Ab Wheel - (4x12) SS (4x4)

  • Kettlestrap Goblet Squats 30kg - 2x15

It started raining during the Zerchers so I went for the Kettlestrap as it would be easier to setup and keep covered from the rain. Then I reasoned that goblet squats are basically the same as belt squats and discovered how wrong I was. Very hard on my arms and upper back. Given how hard I found them they are probably better than the belt squats for me as it’s not my legs holding me back.

I sat in the park for a bit today and just enjoyed the evening by myself.