RPS Personal Equipment Rules

Just wondering if someone who is familiar could clarify for me … The rules on the RPS federation website state a single “non-compressive” undergarment may be worn under the singlet in the raw divisions. In the past I have worn boxer briefs under my singlet but was considering Nike (or similar) compression shorts for my upcoming meet. I could have sworn I have seen other lifters wearing shorts like this under their singlet. Does the rule mean to refer specifically to briefs for the squat? Just want some clarification if anyone could help.

I think it technically means tighty whities. I personally feel its so ridiculous so I wear nothing under. Then they cant give you shit for something stupid

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True, I’ve never really heard of it being an issue and they don’t seem super uptight though. I know I’ve seen lifters wear the longer shorts underneath to cover more of their leg, I just don’t really know what those are I guess. I’ll probably just stick with the boxer briefs.

As long as it’s standard compression shorts/underwear and not something like rehbands you’ll be fine.

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