RPS Meet Questions

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone’s been to any of the RPS meets and how it all works. The one on 11/11 is going to be my first meet and I’ve paid for it. I have a few questions.

What do I need to print/bring with me to the meet for entry? O yea and I paid via paypal.

How long does it usually take for Mr. Rychlak to respond to the emails/phone calls. I’ve called and emailed him to set up a weigh-in appointment for early Saturday.

I’m just a bit worried since I paid the day before they updated the site saying the Roster was full and that all standby entries are accepted for cancellation. I really don’t want to travel 3 hrs there just to figure out I can’t enter.


Are you doing the meet in allentown PA?

[quote]jackedup45 wrote:
Are you doing the meet in allentown PA?[/quote]

Nah, Stony Brook in Long Island

I signed up for that meet too as my first meet. What date did you sign up on? Now you have me worried haha.

I signed up on the 24th. Yea I’m a bit worried myself, was hoping someone would respond to the call or emails soon to confirm. It told me I can just print out the paypal invoice receipt thing and that would be my entry for the meet.

I see you signed up all the way back in august. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to worry about it haha.

Haha I didn’t offically sign up until October 15th. I was going to get shoulder surgery in september but I backed out of it. I’ve been getting ART treatment for the last 5 weeks, and while it isn’t 100 percent, I feel like I can atleast bench (lightly) without completely messing it up.

What weight class/division did you sign up for?

I’m in the 16-17, 198, Raw Modern. I hope you do well and stay injury free. Haven’t had any major injuries where surgery was almost needed.

You missed me by a year and some wraps lol. 18-19, 198 and raw classic. What are you looking to hit?

Planning to total 1100, 445 sq, 245 bench, and a 410 deadlift. That’s if nothing goes wrong and I’m on the roster.

The rosters posted. There’s one 198 raw modern 16-17 on it, i’d check if it’s you.

I’m glad I made it.


Phew, yes it is. Thank you. Now I feel foolish for ordering a Medium sized shirt. When are you weighing in?

I’m hoping to do the later session on saturday. I only took of of work sunday and as of now i’m not really sure of my work schedule yet. I should know a week ahead of time.

Ah alright. I guess I’ll see you there then.

I just did the RPS meet in Attleboro last weekend. It was my first meet in 18 years so I don’t have a basis for comparison to how well a meet could be run, but I think that Ame and Gene did a very good job. Weigh-ins and lifting started on time and things moved very efficiently. Make sure you go to the rule reviews and pay attention to the judges–they were strict and fair.

Good luck

I wonder if this meet is going to be delayed or cancelled. We got thrashed by that storm and I assume that many will not be able to make it. My house got pretty messed up, and its next to impossible to get gas so it may not be possible for me, and I assume others.


The meet is running as scheduled. I’m sorry to hear about your house, that and nor’easter just hit afterwards. I hope you’re doing alright man. If you can’t make it, then you can’t. Stay safe.

How did it go Zerpp? I’m beyond pissed I missed it. I helped my dad work on the house for ten hours straight. Now I’m just waiting for heat, power and hot water lol. Really wish I could’ve made it.

Went amazingly well, they had a small delay because they couldn’t setup the day before but everything went as smooth as possible. I learned a few things, met a couple of great people. Diesel Weasel was there, I wanted to say hi but I wasn’t sure what his real name was. Meet ran from 9am to about 5 or 6pm. I left early to catch a train. Totaled 1075 with a 445/225/405. It was a great experience.

It’s a shame you didn’t make it. Hopefully I’ll see you there next time.

Very nice. I talked Mr.Rychlak and he was nice and understanding about my situation and gave me a full refund. He says he usually does one meet a year on long island, as long as we don’t get hit by another hurricane I WILL BE THERE lol. Any big weights go up? Also are there any other meets you’re looking at soon? I don’t see any other this year that are close to my area.

Yea, Ellen Stein, a IPF masters champion was there. Crazy strong. John Carydes almost totalled 2000, was short 15 pounds. He weighed in at like 266.

I don’t have any meets planned out for a while. Getting there was a hassle, almost got booted out of stony campus for squatting in their lobby. I’m going to see what I can find in a few more months. I’m feeling more beat up than I’ve ever felt in a while.