RPS East Coast Uprising Meet Results

RPS East Coast Uprising Meet results

Weighed in at 228, so that put me in the 242’s

Weights were in kilos so that kinda made the weights weird

Squats went ok
1st- 542 this flew up good lift
2nd- 573 this went up good, good lift. Felt something in my back twinge a little
3rd- 606 this felt good on my back and felt good on the way down. When I hit depth something went wrong my knees shot forward and I fell with it. Missed this and really felt my back afterwards

Bench Press
1st- 363 good lift
Missed my 2nd and 3rd attempts. Couldn’t arch like I wanted to and couldn’t get my shirt set right just not my day here

1st- 314 good lift. Back was hurting like hell and couldn’t pull much in the warm up area, so I just did a token deadlift to get a total

Placed first in the 242 Sub-masters


You pull sumo or conventional?


I’m primarily a conventional puller as well, but this off season have been working to bring my sumo up specifically for this reason, never know when you’ll tweak your back in a meet and not be able to pull conventional. Personally, as I’ve gotten older and more experienced I’ve started to appreciate working both sumo and conventional at the same time, the variety seems to help keep from getting too beat up only doing one or the other. Just some thoughts to maybe consider to take into your next training cycle.


I was actually gonna switch to sumo for my next training cycle to strengthen other areas that doesn’t get hit as hard as with conventional. Thanks for the tips

I’ve done both at the same time. My stronger pull is sumo, so I’ll do those as my main lift, and then I’ll do something like a snatch grip to work the conventional movement.

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Nice lifts I’m 242 amateur sub master in rps. I have done sumo but stick to conventional. For me my opinion I feel if you have a hard time getting off the floor but easy lockout do conventional , easy off the floor hard lockout sumo.

Of course you can do deficits, rack pulls and block pulls to help with those. But I’d do which is your stronger lift. I heard sumo helps with squats tho but not sure.

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