RPM class after my workouts; good or bad idea?

I hate cardio, about the only thing I can stick to is cycling.

I can only get to the gym 3 times a week; Tue & Thu evening and Sat morning.

For the last two weeks after my 35-45 min workout I have joined the RPM class (spinning)which lasts for about 50 sometimes 60 minutes of intensive cycling.

I chose this because I can stick to it and it’s like doing intervals due to the constant change of pace and intensity.

That and I don’t own a bike!

I want to know is, will this amount & intensity of cardio after my lifting have a negative effect on results?

You need a caloric surplus to build muscle, burning more calories can make it harder.

You’ll need to eat more to compensate, but if you want to cut weight, then the cardio will help.

Be mindful of how much you burn during cardio and work that amount into your diet to match your goals.