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RPE 10 Choker Knee Wraps

I’m competing in a APF meet March 2019, I’m going to get knee wraps and on RPE 10 website they have their choker knee wraps, ses their made by general leather craft (pioneer). I havent seen any reviews on the wrap. Does anyone know how well of a comp wrap they are?

The site is all about eating ass and the knee wraps are purple, not my kind of scene. They could at least have some girls in thongs or something, all I see is men.

I’m guessing the wraps are either Phantoms or Commanders with purple instead of white or grey. Those are good wraps, but the two are not the same and this site doesn’t give any description.


I’m listening


My friend has them and says he is scared to use them because of how tight/stiff he says they are. He’s been squatting in wraps for a while.

They only work for people who eat ass

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