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RPB's Today

Got some “recent-personal-bests” today with 2-board presses and db rows.

Felt great. Working on getting to, and passing my non-recent personal bests. :wink:

The strength has been coming back fast over the past couple of months.

Starting back into powerlifting with Jim Wendler’s “Beginner Training Manual” e-book from elitefts.

I figured since I took so much time off and got so lazy, I shouldn’t stress so much on the little things and should work mostly on consistency, consistency, consistency.

Started with a typical body split bodybuilding routine for a while to get used to weights again, and now I’m on the 3rd week of the outlined 12-week plan from the e-book.

Posting this as a reminder of how good it feels to be pushing around the relatively heavier weights again.