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Roy's Hawiian Fusion Resturant


I don’t know if anybody has ever had the opportunity to eat at this restaurant, I did today and it was the best food I have ever had in my entire life period.

My two friends and I started off with a bottle of Moet & Chandon five star champange. Then as an appetizer we had 3 different types of sushi rolls, one that included octopus and eel, another with seared kobe beef, and another with soft shell crab.

In addition to that we had a sword fish filet on a bed of field greens and mushroom polenta. Then I had a salad including bibb lettuce, tiger shrimp, goat cheese, endive, capers, and cilantro lime dressing.

For my entree, I had a filet of fujian walu fish on a bed of polenta/rice with andouille sausage, asparagus, and carrots and for dessert I had a pineapple and blueberry souffle topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

Hands down the most satisfying meal ever.

The three of ate like this for a total of $185. My buddy Kevin, who works for Roy’s had a $125 gift certificate to add to the bill. With that and his discount for working there or bill grand total was $5.25. Because or server used a loophole on the gift certificate to make or meal 5 bucks we each left him a 35 dollar tip.

A great meal and I hope everybody can go and dine here at least once.