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Royce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes


Did anyone get a chance to see the fight? I forgot it was supposed to go down, just saw a news article a few moments ago saying Gracie got his ass handed to him...


Gracie was dominated.


Ref called it, no asses were handed.


Please. I think Hughes hit him in the back of the head about 19 times with Gracie showing no sign of defending himself. The ref was right to stop it.

Hughes also bent his arm backwards. Gracie was tough and would not submit but Hughes totally dominated.


Under the rules the ref had to stop it at that point but Gracie could have kept going. He sure can take beating though I don't know if it's toughness or he's just too stupid to ever tap.


That fight was so lopsided that I would not be surprised if the Gracie camp came out with a (true) story that Royce was on some sort of prescription meds which made him slower and less coordinated than usual. And if that was not the case, one word: RETIRE!

No seriously, Gracie received a horrific butt kicking!

The man only lasted 4:39!

I certainly hope that he doesn't become a Ken Shamrock and simply continue to trade on his name for a pay check. Getting kicked around by all of the top guys. As I think Royce Gracie has done quite a lot for this sport at its inception and deserves to be remembered for this, and not what we saw on May 27th.


I agree. He could have held on for a little while longer for the bell.

He would have gotten destroyed in the second round though.

Hughes would have beaten Gracies brains in and broken his limbs and Gracie wouild not quit.

I have noticed the UFC stops fights very quickly compared to boxing.


gracie has more grappling skills in his pinkie than the entire ufc combined. people forget to mention the arm bar hughes had gracie locked in, but could not get gracie to tap. i don't think that anybody could out-grapple him ever. thats not to say that the well rounded fighter is not superior in a no-holds barred match, but had it been a match of ground skill hughes would have been long gone. besides, hughes himself addimited to using the ref to stop the fight as the only resource he had. after hearing mcarthy tell royce to "get out of there" the light came on and hughes knew the ref would have to stop the fight. he addmitted to it after the fight. i tell you this, there has never been a grappler to match the skills of gracie, period.


You know, I've watched the fight several times to see if Gracie did tap (there are those that claimed he did) and unfortunately, there's a spot where it might have happened, but Big John is already rushing in to end the fight and blocking the view.

My prediction was that neither one of the guys would tap, so we'd see stoppage due to broken arm - and we nearly did. That straight arm bar had everyone in the room wincing (even though it's "first day stuff" to swipe Matt's phrase to get out of), tapping isn't something that Gracies do (all the way back to Helio v. Kimura).

In the post-fight interview, Matt basically says that he had no clue he had Royce in trouble until Big John said, "get out of there Royce" at which point Hughes knew that he needed to turn it on.

IMO, Royce would have stuck around for the KO - hey, at least he didn't tap (ahem Taktarov ahem).


Gracie has done alot but your right he should remembered for what he did in the early days... even in his last few showings in pride the fights were very unimpressive... i also think what we saw was great athleticism on the part of Hughes and i for one cant wait to see him fight St Perrie.

Even though that fight was lackluster i was still overall impressed with the card... Brandon Vera had a great showing and Dean lister damn near held a ju jitsu clinic.


I would have to disagree.. even Royce admitts his brother Rickson is better than him at grappling (no im not jumping on the Rickson bandwaggon and yes i know his record is unverified.) I also think Minotauro (Rodrigo Nogeria) would tap gracie along with possibly vitor rioberto... but this will never truly be answered because i dont see him fighting or grappling any of them in the future.


a gracie is a gracie, outside of that camp i don't feel that anybody can touch them. after all, they did invent this shit.


Zeb wrote:
The man only lasted 4:39!

I think he lasted longer than GSP did with Hughes. For all of you Gracie Haters and GSP fans.


no they did not invent this shit it has been around for ages they just brought it (ju-jiutsu) to the for front of mma when everyone else was doing stand up they took it to the mat!!


No, GSP lasted longer and put up a better fight.


GSP lasted until he got caught in an armbar with about 7 seconds left in the first round. GSP was a much better match than the Gracie match. This is MMA not BJJ, that is why Gracie lost, he is VERY one dimensional and Matt even dominated him on the ground. If any of Hughes fights were still on youtube you could see the difference in the fights.


Invented it? Do some research.


5 seconds longer in his prime, lol. I can't wait to see BJ get back in there with either of em. I think that split decision will actually be better for BJ in the long run. It was funny seeing GSP in the hospital doing his post fight interview. He gets his face turned into hamburger, sent to the hospital (just precautinary), and still wins.

GSP did win the fight under the rules but I think BJ would've won had it gone till someone tapped or got knocked out.

Hughes>GSP Penn>Hughes in the coming months.


Little Walid Ismal Choked Royce Gracie unconscious about 4 or 5 years ago. And that was a pure Jiu-Jitsu match.


No actually GSP lasted longer than Royce. In fact, GSP only had one second to go before the end of round one. And then.............he tapped!