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Royce Gracie Training Centre - Leon, Mexico


I am really stoked!

We are opening a 400 square metre training facility here in Leon (currently training in a small studio type space.) We will have 100 square metres of mats, a cage, a ring, bags, changing facilities and a general fitness area along with sufficient parking!

Our coaches are going to be myself and two other Royce Gracie purple belts for grappling, BJJ.

Carlos "El Duque" Morelos (multiple national Muay Thai titles) as Muay Thai coach.

Freddie Rojano (boxed as a light heavy for Cuba at the Atlanta Olympics) as boxing coach.

We are busy getting it set up and due to open in about a month.

I will post photos when we have some. I am really looking forward to getting back to training in a proper facility with decent equipment!


Congratulations, Cockney B, that’s great news. Can’t wait to see the photos.


Sounds like a great gym/school.
good luck