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Royal Wedding Ultimate Reality Show


The royal wedding is expected to command the biggest audience in TV history. They estimate 2.4 billion people will watch it. That's 35% of the world's population.

Could someone please explain to me why American's care about this?

Didn't we fight the Revolutionary War, in large part because we do not believe that some people are superior by virtue of their birth? This infatuation with the British royals is beyond me. I'm surprised that the people in the UK are paying attention, much less anybody else.

From the Wall Street Journal

"...An estimated two billion TV viewers will see all or part of the coverage of Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton exchanging vows at Westminster Abbey. Add an expected 400 million for online streaming and radio and the number swells to nearly 35% of the world's population. An additional 800,000 observers likely will crowd outside Buckingham Palace the day of the event, many of them tweeting and Facebook posting and shooting video with their phones."


If that many people watch and stand outside, that is just further proof this world has gone to hell.


What kind of girl are you?

There are gowns and carriages and a dashing young prince!


Is this some kind of code for asking if I play a lot of softball?

Well, I did put this picture of me up on Inkaddict's log yesterday so maybe you have a point.

Not a butch. Really.


I promise you, most people here don't give a shit either. especially the further north you go in the UK


I remember back in the 90's when everyone was gaga over Princes Diana. I didn't care then and I don't care now. To me it's like celebrity watching. They really DO NOT matter. But then again I've lifted weights all my life and never enjoyed watching a bodybuilding contest. I guess it's a matter of taste, to each his own.


I didn't even know there was a wedding, nor do I care.


It really is disgusting.

I hate when people fawn all over Hollywood celebrity types too, but at least they do SOMETHING for a living. These pasty inbred royals have come to expect this kind of attention all for being born with the right last name


No, but from those socks and shoes, I'd guess you're still rolling in the early 90's.


Yes, someone with that much political power...doesn't matter.


They do do something, they are vital to the British government's power. Just as it is a fact of nature that the mass of men are ill qualified for the exercise of political power, so it is written in the eternal constitution of things that a few men, from various causes, are mentally and physically and spiritually suited for social leadership. It just happens their cause is birth, but their power and position is still of the natural order.


Are you serious?
Apart from the current Queen, who is made of stronger stuff, none of our royals have much of a spine, or a brain.


It's a very old picture Chris - Good call on the era. About 1992! I couldn't find any of me playing softball or I would have put one up.

And I think you are thinking too much. The attraction to the royal wedding has to do with all the hats. Hats and pasty people with bad dental work.

It's like seeing an accident on the freeway. You don't want to look, but you just can't look away.


No offense to Bambi. I'm sure his teeth are as lovely as his back.

Maybe it's that people in the UK assume all us Americans are hung up on perfect teeth and so we watch the royal wedding just to prove that we really aren't that shallow.


I do love a man with some really nice teeth.


Exhibit A. Who's more British than Austin Powers?


This could explain a huge viewership from the female age 3-6 years demographic.

There are quite a few of these in my neighborhood alone, but unless my numbers are way off, there can't be 2.4 billion of them.

I don't want to derail Chris's defense of fitness for leadership by virtue of one's birth.

Carry on.


Cereal. None of your royals have a spine? I don't understand how that goes against what I said. I said it is natural not that it was perfect. And, you have things in place that help with the general spinelessness, the rest of your government. Now, I don't know the ins and outs of the British government, but it is an old wise government. To dismiss the Crown as a mere celebrity is foolish. The Prince himself went to the middle east for combat did he not? That was until the sensationalist posted it all over their rags for the world to see.

Anyway, I'm watching it because I Love the Queen and admire the Prince from what I know of him. His relationship situation seems like he could have handled it better, but I could have handled mine better as well, so no real judgment on that part. Just happy he is getting married. As well, I love weddings, been to about 15 of them this year.


Well, I'm sure it is an old picture, unlike my mother who was wearing the same outfit in 2000 and probably still today think it is stylish. It could be for most peop.e, as well there is all of one Crown these days that isn't in a Muslim country. I suppose the fact that thd majority see the Crown as the one and only that is left that doesn't rule tyrannically and has a decent level of living, compared to say...Saudi Arabia's crown.


That was Prince Harry he's the younger ginger crazy one. William's army experience is taking a RAF helicopter with his mates to a party in the Isle of Wight.