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Royal Marines and 5/3/1

[quote]DAVE101 wrote:
-The routine you posted is not a Wendler Program. The assistance work is supposed to carry over to the main lift. You have zero pressing accessory movements, and too many pulling movements. More exercises =/= better or faster gains.

-Contrary to what you said, you have NO upper back work. Rows, chins, and LAT pulls are primarily LAT exercises. Face pulls, high rows, and band pull aparts used to strengthen the upper back.

-It may not even be in your best interest to do intervals. I don’t know how large you are, but if you have difficulty doing pushups and basic conditioning, sprints may not be the safest (and definitely not necessary) way to get in shape. Steady state or other GPP will work just as well until you build a higher work capacity.

-Focus one goal at a time, you seem to be all over the place. I feel the best advice for is always simply “read more, post less.”[/quote]

Did you read on after the Wendler cycle I posted?

Deadlift1x/week, Squat 2x/week, DB Row 2x/week, Ohp 2x/week, Pushups 1x/week, Negative or band assited Chins 1x/week, Farmer Walk 1x/week, curls 1x/week, planks 2x/week and finally reverse crunch 1xweek. I’m too lazy to put this into program form but do this program 3x/week and 2x of intervals for 20 min or if tight on time throw the intervals at the end and you will progress very fast.

Reps do set of 6-8 for the weights and 8-12 for the bw/small stuff.