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Roy Jones KO'd!!!


I don't know how many people give a shit about boxing, but this is one of the great sports stunners of my lifetime; not quite Douglas over Tyson, but pretty close. For me, Roy Jones was absolutely invincible. All that dominance for the past ten years down the drain from one looping left hand. Unbelievable! But props to Antonio Tarver, he's been stalking Roy his entire career and he did what he said he would. I'm in shock!




I was in shock too. I gave Tarver a chance to win but I never expected a KO and especially not so early in the fight.
It was a HUGE upset.


Everyone can be beaten-just depends on the day I guess. Can't say I liked his attitude. I think there are far to many big mouth braggers in Pro sports. On the other hand he is a fantastic boxer.


Ramo, I had my money on Tarver, and he did not disappoint! All that talking he did actually convinced me. I wasn't as surprised as you, but, as the first round went, I thought I put my money on the wrong guy. I wonder what's next for Jones, and what's next for Tarver.


If jones retiers without beating Tarver again I will be really dissapointed.. He wanted to fight one more fight either with tyson or vatalli, but i would rather see him whoop Tarver and show Tarver that it was just a lucky punch!


I saw that fight and it was perfect left from Tarver, would have downed any boxer. To be honest i thought Tarver should have got the first fight, a draw at the least anyway.

This victory should allow for a 3rd fight and a chance for Jones to really show he is THE figher of the generation and that includes Lewis, Hopkins, De La Hoya etc etc..

Roll on Tarver v Jones III


There was quite a few people who thought Tarver had the first fight,I wasn't one of them though.Jones has been "pound for pound" the best boxer in the world for quite some time,I was shocked when he went down,especially in the second round.I figured if Tarver was gonna win it'd be by decision not on a TKO 1:41 into the second round.


Great finish, I almost jumped off my couch. Good for Tarver. I like guys who channel pro wrestlers when they trash talk!

Undercard was boring as heck though.


yah the undercard was pathetic 108 pounders, my 11 year old brother weighs more then them, and probally can mess those guys up to!


Bring on Jones vs. Tarver III


It's always sad when the great ones hang on for one fight too many...


It was a matter of time... stay around long enough and its going to happen. Jones has been looking less inpressive as of late, and he is one cocky basterd. Hope this humbles him.


Roy Jones probably bet his whole fortune on Tarver, took the punch and now retires.


I'd been saying all along jones never should have taken this fight. He had nothing to gain from it whatsoever. If he won he would have beaten a fighter that he had already beaten after having to lose 25lbs to make weight, 11 of those in under 24hrs! Albeit the first fight was close, but it was still jones win. This loss cost him as his next ppv (tyson or klitschko) will not have the same appeal as it would have before the loss. F#%k! I'm still upset about the loss.



I think you have a very very serious point there. Does anyone think this fight could have been rigged? How the hell does THE ROY JONES JR. lose to fucking Tarver. Are you kidding me?? If you have seen the guy fight before, the guy DOESNT LOSE. Seriously, I think it might have been rigged, just like Tquinn said. Leave the cave...


Here's the thing Roy Jones Jr. = heavyweight went down to light heavy again to fight Tarver. My question to Tarver is why don't gain weight and fight in the heavweight class. Instead letting Roy Jones go down in weight?

Roy to me is still one of the great boxer Tarver, hasn't proven anything to me by knocking Roy out.

I doubt if there will ever be a Tarver vs Roy Jones Jr. III. Unless Tarver comes up in weight.

In health,

Silas C.


I think boxing would be more interesting if it was a three person sport... then you'd have to watch your back too.



man i am sad.. roy jones is the best fighter i have ever seen, .. not that he lost but the way he lost, just demolished, really sucks :confused:

i hope somehow he can redeem himself before he retires (like lewis was able too..)



I was really surprised too, but I don't think it's that bad. The guy has been ko'd like twice ever. Everybody loses, and he just got hit with a very good punch. It will probably make him focus and work as hard as he can for the few fights he has left. I don't think he has fought too long either. He isn't the same as he was when he was younger, but he is still a very good fighter and doesn't seem to show signs of losing it or being neurologically damaged. Finally, I don't think it was stupid to take this fight. He has been knocked for dodging guys and being about the money. And he's being criticized here for hurting his chances for a bigger payday, and for giving Tarver another shot. He said he would give Tarver a shot and when the first fight wasn't decisive, he wanted to clearly win, (or apparently lose). I am interested in more heavyweight fights. Tarver has talked about moving up and Jones has talked about Tyson or Vitaly. I could see Tyson but I don't know about Klitschko. He is so much bigger and has looked pretty good lately. What do you guys think?