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Roy Jones Jr. Would Beat Silva in Boxing!


Discuss. My boy Roy would eat him alive in a boxing match. That's my hypothesis.


Boxing is not MMA. Apples and oranges. So....uh..duh.


Silva could train for just boxing...so..uh..duh.


Everyone seems to be thinking Silva will fight RJJ in a boxing match and win. This thread is to shoot that thought down.


Read the post. He said, "In a boxing match."

I'm not impressed with Silva as a boxer. He's OK, but he's nothing special. He'd be no more than a journeymen in boxing.

RJJ in his prime KO's Silva whenever he wants. An older RJJ KO's him in the third/fourth round.

I wouldn't put this horse's ass against one of the GOAT.


I just wanted to post this.

Yall musta forgot... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDWnMXzgeZo


I know what would happen... but I'd still like to see it.




I don't know what's up with these guys. RJJ has lost the crazy speed displayed in that video so it wouldn't be over in the first :30 like it would in his prime, but it wouldn't go more than a couple rounds. I had an idea not too long ago. There should be like a standing invitation for interdiscipline fights.

Any MMA fighter who thinks they are good enough to box pro(I know a lot of guys have, but if they were any good they would have stuck with it because it pays better) because they have good standup can fight Ray Mercer. Any boxer who thinks MMA is easy and beneath them and that they could train for a few months and be a champion can fight Don Frye or somebody. People would watch it every time.


Holy Fuck.

I'd forgotten how good he really was.

People are crazy to think Anderson would last in a boxing match. Anything but KTFO is not happening.


Plain and simple, Its Hard. HARD to beat any man in his own back yard.


If Silva was good enough to be a professional boxer he would have been.

Roy is/was a professional boxer. Silva is a good striker (muay thai) who does MMA.


How about a full standup, Kicks and knees allowed, K1 Style?



Could Shaq play defensive end in the NFL? Who cares?


How would Roy Jones do in a MMA match? Im not an expert in combat sports, someone give an educated guess?


Many people do. From each sport, apparently. And hell, I'd watch it... but I'd rather see a prime fighter go against an MMA guy if they really want to bang... I don't see why boxing's rep has to be 188 years old to make it fair.


About as good as Ray Mercer. If it stays standing he'll do fine. The problem with boxers in MMA is you have to be on the watch for kicks, holds, and takedowns. So it's not like you can be like Mike and drop bombs without worrying about someone slipping under you and train wrecking you to the ground.


Once on the ground the boxer is a fish out of water.

K1 style...Silva has crazy long legs. Kicks keep it at a distance. Wear him down, then get close for the Muay Thai clinch and it's lights out. I think K1 would be a boxer's last chance.

K-1 is where old boxers go to die...Briggs, Botha, Mercer...


I think that this is completely off topic.

The OP was, "Silva-RJJ in a boxing match."


The origional topic was boring so we modified it. Now here is another modification. Boxing, but with UFC gloves on, not boxing gloves. Do you think roy would get a little of that hand speed back then?

I truly don't know who would win, Isn't anderson a lot taller and longer than jones? Could he keep him at a distance? With 4oz gloves, there would be less reckless abandon from either than in a regular boxing match, hell half the guys in that highlight of jones didn't even have thier hands up by thier heads. Of course he is gonna hit em in the jaw.



I'm surprised that no one mentioned how Ray Mercer destroyed Tim Silvia in an MMA match.

I think boxers transition well into MMA. If your striking is good enough, you may not need any groundwork at all ie....A.Silva is a Big Nog BJJ BB yet you hardly ever see him have to use it.