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Roy Jones Jr vs Danny Green - Incoming


Well unless my information is incorrect, RJJ vs Danny Green is almost certain in the future, especially after Green's latest win. Anthony Mundine is probably fuming right about now.

Personally, it would be a hard match for me to watch. RJJ is a legend to me and Danny Green is one of my favorite boxers, and at least for the parts of Australia that still follow boxing, a hero.

As for the fight itself. I would say RJJ wins by a unanimous decision full of showman ship, however, RJJ is getting old, his speed is definitely not what it was, and Danny Green has improved leaps and bounds since his loss to Mundine. So IMO, I'm thinking if RJJ isn't careful, he gets KTFO'd by Green.



Well, the situation laid out is how I always view RJJs fights. He wins (and puts on a good show) or gets tagged and can't recover fully.

He is in my top 5 all time greatest boxers. I kind of want him to hang up the gloves. He should have never fought Calzaghe. My 2 cents.


Well, I'd never heard of Danny Green until you mentioned him. I looked him up on youtube, and saw kind of what I expected- another European-type fighter who relies on a heavy left hook and work in the clinch (which is regulated a lot more tightly here than in Europe or Australia) but doesn't have great footwork, rhythm, or head movement.

Jones will box circles around him, maybe knock him out if he lands enough good shots.


My thoughts exactly, and I'm sure Irish agrees. It's tough watching your "heroes" grow old.


Definitely. It's a fight I don't want to go either way.

If RJJ wins, it won't prove anything for RJJ as Danny Green although a good boxer, is nowhere near the boxing elite like RJJ.

If Danny Green wins, it'll be by Knockout, and it'll just be another indication that RJJ is getting too old and his chin is starting to go suspect.

Needless to say, while I guess this probably isn't a big fight for you guys over there, it will be for us here in Aus. I'll probably cry watching it. Goddamn.


Greens managament has done a good job handpicking his opponents, the only real guys he's faught are Mundine and Beuyer, which he lost both times (green no foot work, no headmovement). He wouldnt dare pick Jones 5yrs ago as he wouldve got destroyed. Now he may have a chance because Jones is 40!

From Jones point of view he just there for another pay day. I hope Jones knocks out green and makes him look a amatuer that he is against real fighters.

Looks like Jones mite have Silva after Green. I hope he beats silva also and retires. End a career packed with great t Ko's! JONES IS DA MAN!