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Roy Jones - Bernard Hopkins


Any picks on this saturdays fight?
I think Hopkins looks too good right now while Jones has slowed down significantly.
Unless Jones shows something we haven't seen in a while, I don't like his chances.
Roy Jones is one of my favorite fighters, and I hated watching him take punishment against Green.
Also, any thoughts on Roy Jones accusing Green of using illegal wraps?


Holy damn did anyone see the prefight special with that doofus conditioning coach saying how he takes his fighter sup in jets or some shit and does military training shit with them. The stupidity and silliness of this man was off the charts.


Picks: Hopkins via late KO/early flash KO, or via total UD domination. Fact of the matter is as a technical fighter, Hopkins has improved with age and developed his defensive skills accordingly, to my memory, Bernard has never been dropped and it's thanks to his intelligent approach to fighting.

Jones on the other hand, has relied on superhuman reflexes and hand speed to make a mockery of (usually overmatched) opponents, but as we've seen, with age these reflexes have died off, and he's still trying to fight like he's 20, which just isn't going to happen.

As for Roy's claims for Green using "illegal wraps" : Look, anything is possible, professional boxing is and always will be shady, but I highly doubt it. It doesn't help that it's becoming more frequent for fighters to cry "cheat!" when they lose lately. The problem with these claims is rarely is there any evidence to prove or disprove the claim, so the accuser can say whatever he wants and there's fuck all the other guy can do but say "No I didn't cheat". This works both ways however.

Roy needs to learn how to fight like an old man with a glass jaw should, or retire. Which is sad and very hard for me to say, but it's true.

Battle of the senior citizens HO!


Hopkins. I see it ending early, wish this fight was a few years ago. Jones has declined, as had Hopkins, but Hopkins relies less on raw athleticism. Love Hopkins, like Jones, just wish this could have happened sooner so we could have seen the type of fight the names are worthy of.


Wow, am i the only one who sees RJJ pulling a unanimous decision on Hopkins around here?


It will be interesting...


How do you figure?


yeah you would be the only one

Don't get me wrong I will be cheering for Roy tomorrow, but he has been shot for a long time.


Agree with everything here Davo. RJJ lost it and can't get it back. Hopkins KO early-mid rounds.




b-hop ud, he's not a finisher, he takes no risk.. jones is chinny but hopkins won't ko.

should be good tho.


Jones has been washed up for about 6 years now.

Hopkins is old, but he can still win fights.......Hopkins by decision.









they should both disappear, especially hopkins for acting like a complete fucking wimp.



My feeling that Roy is totally washed up was confirmed by this fight... he didn't even seem to care.... I woulda been pissed if I were him.

Any respect I had for B-hop evaporated with this fight.... total fucking dirty bitch!


He's been gone for awhile, it's because he'll never admit he's not the same fighter he once was. His ego has really tarnished his legacy.


Seeing as I don't have access to PPV, can someone be kind enough to give me a play by play of the fight? Or a link to fight video.


Hopkins landed the cleaner shots, Jones' productivity was low. That summarizes the whole fight.


-Jones deducted a point in the 6th for a punch behind the head. In my opinion Hopkins was acting. Once Hopkins got to his feat he rushed Jones and they exchanged, they brawled for about 9 seconds.

-In the later rounds[10th or 11th I believe] Jones and Hopkins fouled each other with hits behind the head, the fouls canceled each other out. Hopkins took time to recover from the mighty girl slap Jones landed on his monstrous melon.

-I believe it was the 11th where Hopkins reacted to a low blow. I really doubt his genitals were hit, it was really close to the belt line. Unless Hopkins was trying to hang them out of his trunks I believe he was just acting, no points deducted.


Sounds like a fall from grace for both men.


total laughing stock.... I used to be a big boxing fan but if this is the best boxing can offer then fuck it!!


Jesus, I just found most of the fight online (somehow the videos are obscure on youtube)...

I hated that. B-hop man wtf? I just lost quite a bit of respect for B-hop, my favorite fighter next to RJJ.

Talk about a drama queen...