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rows to neck vs. upright rows

Some say that upright rows can be damaging to the shoulders. Do cable rows to the neck cause the same sort of shoulder impingment and injuries? There movement seems to be very similar.

The movements are similiar, and although you will find people on both sides of the arguement, the university I volunteer at routinely includes them into their athletes program, the football team does them twice a week in the off season and summer programs.

Upright rows are one of my faves. And the exercise is like anything else: you need to follow good form - you don’t and you chance a injury.

the people who say upright rows are hard on the shoulders are the same ones who look like they’re having an eppilectic seizure when they perform them…side note, try cable upright rows—strip downs.

B- I have been doing cable upright rows for years. Never had an injury. I use good form and a slow controlled motion. They will really cut and define your traps. Traps for me are as difficult to work as calves. This excercise gets them to respond.

Upright rows are great, just watch your ROM. You might try some of the other types: Wide grip upright rows, EZ bar upright rows, dumbbell upright rows and to really move some impressive weight get a good tempo going with alternate dumbbell upright rows. I still enjoy stocky people by working up to 100+ dumbbells with that once every two years. Best of Luck.

Check out the “Gang of five” article in issue 154 (I think). Paul Chek does a pretty good job of talking about the biomechanics of the upright row, and how it could possibly cause impingement.

That being said, I’ve done them for over ten years and have never had a problem. Great exercise for developing the lateral deltoid.

good job on bringing up a thread that’s over a year old.

Welcome to last year.

I like to use dumbbell upright rows as that gives my wrists the freedom to move as the weight is raised.

I have found this variation easier on the shoulders.