Rows Technique

In your exercise videos on this site (pedlay row, bent row) and your discussion of rowing with the 3-layers, you mostly talk about rowing the weight in an arcing motion toward your lower abdomen.

I have never gotten much benefit from rows - only works my low back and biceps. But I have gotten stronger from doing fat-man pullups. With that movement, the bar comes toward my chin, almost more like a facepull than a “row.” But, fat man pullups are less conducive to loading techniques, cheating with the legs, etc.

Have you used a “face row” technique with any of your athletes? If the goal is strength and stability of the “yoke” for the olympic lifts, would bar rows to the clavicles or chin be an effective alternative to a “low row”?

Oh, and I am in a dungeon gym with plates, bars, and bands, but no cables or rowing machines. I do a lot of band facepulls for high reps now. I just thinking about ways to load the traps and delts without the spinal-loading of SGHP’s (which I am also doing).