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Rows Before Deadlifts?

I’ve been following 5/3/1 and I’ve been playing with assistance a lot.

I’m aiming for both mass and strength, I do plan on maybe competing in powerlifting, I’m ever planning on competing on stage though, I do still want to look good.

As of late I’ve been wanting to try out BBB for a little while, see how it feels. I definitely think it looks fun.

I’ve always been told your routine should have a vertical pull for vertical pushes and horizontal pulls for horizontal pushes.

The routine I came up with was

BB rows


Pull ups


Only thing is I like to go heavy on rows, even if it’s an assistance, Chest/Back/Shoulder/Leg is the usual template I run, but I fear doing rows today is going to hinder my deadlifts performances tomorrow. How should I work these days out so that I can get the most? Or maybe should I just row after deadlifting? I tried to put less assistance on squat and deadlifts cause those are the biggest days and most draining trainings of the week, I don’t really see myself rowing after 10+ sets of deadlifting or squatting, thoughts?

Rows hit my erectors too hard to do before deads and for me even doing rows the day after deads I don’t get the stimulation I’m looking for because my erectors bonk too quickly. I’m a little older though, perhaps if you’re young and you feel like it doesn’t impact your recovery no reason not to. My experience is that if your erectors are too fried for either deads or conversely too beat for rows, you’ll know because you’re body will tell you in short order. Place the rows based on what your body says, if it doesn’t complain they’re in the right place. I don’t notice a ton of feedback from my routines but my erectors tell me when to do what. Just my experiences.

can’t you just switch the upper body days with lower body?

As long as the numbers keep going up, you can do what ever you want. Just remember training for powerlifting is to improve from meet to meet. Not to just be good at training.

Whatever helps your numbers on the platform is the correct program.

[quote]budreiser wrote:
can’t you just switch the upper body days with lower body?

What exactly do you mean? what would you do?
Do you consider Deadlifts a lower body day? If so that was exactly my question.

What I think I’ll do is just do bench with dips, deadlifts, OHP and rows, Squats and pull ups.

This way I won’t have any major pulling muscle used on monday, I’ll be fresh to pull on tuesday, good to push and pull on wednesday and good to squat and pull on thursday. We’ll see how it goes like people say, I guess

I normally do a lot of pull/chin ups on Monday and feel just fine to deadlift on Tuesday. I do rows either Thursday or lately in my extra workout Saturday. I prefer one arm db rows as I already get enough erector work and feel they work better for me anyway.