I’m contemplating on starting up club rowing again and want to take it quite seriously. I was just wondering if any of you row or know of any training regimes? (both for the weights room and outside?)

Water sessions aside, how should I build up my fitness to what it used to be? Should I include both sprints and long distance and what sort of distances are we talking about? In previous years we used to do a lot of high rep endurance weights and boy was that fun… cough

At the moment my strength is a lot higher than what it used to be, but fitness is lacking a fair bit. My current 2k erg is ~6:40… so need to get that down a bit. I’d like to take a shot at making the youth VII (under 21’s), I’m 17 atm so I’ll take this year to really get into it and take a crack next year. If anyone could give me any advice on off water training it would be greatly appreciated, thanks

(bye bye structural gains and hellooo functional gains)