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Rowing: Too Much Scapular Retraction?

I am wondering if there is a good way to tell what a full range of motion is in a proper seated row.

Using a shoulder width grip with neutral grip, I feel like I have good technique pulling through the scapula along the rib cage. At the end of the motion, I achieve good retraction and a slight posterior tilt to the scapula. Humeral extension is healthy with no anterior glide.

However, I feel like I can exaggerate the retraction even more which begins to really stretch my chest and pull my shoulders back even more. I cannot tell if this tight of exaggerated retraction is considered desirable?

Any thoughts or feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

as long as the movement comes from the shoulder, and you are not twisting your torso for the extra ROM, then you’re fine.

Well I sorta answered my own questions after finding a video by Dr. Evan Osar.

Apparently, I was going past full retraction and beginning to overly contract the adductors.