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Rowing, Strength and All Round Athleticism


@bustedwheel - Thanks man, I do plan on keeping at it. I gave myself a few days last week to spend time with my friends and give myself a mental break after the disappointment at not making the 8. It means I miss 8s head for the 3rd year running, all for very different reasons and I still feel like I have unfinished business there.


Tabata 8 x 20s on 10s off row on the erg. Averaged 1:32.1 split. Distorted slightly as I started late on one interval which bought my average down.

Deadlift: 60/5, 100/3, 140/3, 180/3, 100/3

Barbell Rows: 60/5, 80/5, 90/5, 100/5
Push Ups: 20, 20, 20, 20

Finished up with 30 minutes on the watt bike at 223 watts per hour.

Much better session today :slight_smile:



5km row at 1:49.2 split 18:12 time. Pretty happy with that, usually suck at this kind of pace when on my own and kept the rate down to 21, so more there I am sure.
I had about 6-7 minutes rest then did a light 4km cool down row at 1:58.8 split.


Complexes: 20kg x 8, 40kg x 8, 40kg x 8
Romanian Deadlift
Barbell Rows
Push Press

Squats: 70/5, 110/5, 120/5, 110/5, 70/5

Pull Ups: 9, 10, 7
Dips: 18, 18, 14

Bent Over Lateral Raises: 8/10, 12/8, 12/8

30 minutes cycling on the watt bike at 255 watts per hour.

Going to have to start morning sessions on occasion in the weekday to get extra aerobic work. Not used to doing weights that time, but happy enough with a 120kg squats for today, but will be back to 140kg fairly quickly.



10km outing in a pair.

Pretty solid outing, but really struggling with some of the technical advice the coach is giving me. Struggling to correct it and not really able to feel it but something to work on. Either way, I was fairly happy with the session and I just need to keep working on it to improve.

3.2km run

5km row on ergo at 1:58.1 split r19.

Threw in a bit of extra work followed by some mobility drills, but pretty shattered this afternoon.


Also there is a chance I could be relocating back up North, which means I can rejoin my old club. If I can create more memories like last year, I will be very happy!



Double Outing:
1st Outing:
12km outing in a pair

2nd Outing:
8km in the pair.

Much improved today! 2nd session, was best session in ages. I miss rowing outings like that.



59 minutes cycle on the watt bike to 9 Hammers Sufferfest video.

Averaged 203 watts but the intervals were tough, going 350-400 on some of them.


I would still love to try and row this summer. It would be beautiful scenery and a great hard workout!


@countrygirl2016 - Rowing is good fun, especially in the Summer. Surprisingly technical when you first jump in a boat, as the balance and bladework is a lot more difficult than people realise. Still it is a good full body workout and most clubs I have rowed with have a good social atmosphere.


Your very lucky to have that! When I’ve been in a kayak it was a disaster lol I’m sure I looked stupid trying to work the paddle :joy: awful!


@countrygirl2016 - Haha Kayaking is a lot of fun but not done it for years. Might give it a go again in the Summer. As much I love the gym it is always fun to do stuff outdoors. Is it something you have done much?


20 minute row at r20 at 1:51.3 split.
20 minutes on the watt bike at 217 watts per hour.

Pretty solid for a morning session on my own. Spent rest of afternoon looking at houses ahead of my move back north.


I’ve done it a good bit and actually was looking into buying my own. I want one I can fish out of too. I can’t believe how much of a workout it really is! You also have way beautiful scenery.


@countrygirl2016 - Sounds great! There is a level of fun being outdoors that mentally makes training easier (providing there is good weather of course), compared to the gym. I love weight training, but the endurance work can get repetitive.


So went back to visit my old club, but the canal was frozen :frowning:

Instead we did 2 rounds of the following

10 Squat Jumps before each exercise:
25 Burpees
25 Sit Ups
25 Jumping Lunges
25 Press Ups
25 Squat Thrusts
25 Squats
This circuit was done twice with no rest followed by a 1km sprint on the ergo

5 minute rest, then this was repeated.


12km outing in a coxed 4 with 3 x 1.6km pieces.



2 x 20 minutes row with 3 minute rest on erg at 1:54.0 split r20.



Busy day today and never had so much trouble finding a decent place to rent, before I move back!

Literally had no motivation to go to the gym, but it went surprisingly well!

Complexes: 20/8, 40/8, 40/8
Romanian Deadlift
Barbell Rows
Power Cleans
Push Press

Deadlift: 60/3, 100/3, 140/3, 160/3, 180/3, 140/3

Giant Sets:
Bench Press: 60/3, 70/3, 80/3, 90/3, 60/3
DB Row: 28/5, 32/5, 36/5, 40/5, 28/5
V Sits: 20, 20, 20, 17, 11

180kg Deadlift felt really solid. 200kg will be going up again soon. Also down to 94.3kg now. Thats 3.1kg in a few weeks and performance is still holding steady.


nice man!


@duketheslaya - Thank you. It is amazing how a bit of progress really renews motivation!


Entered an indoor rowing competition at my gym. The ergs were set for 300m ntervals with 15s rest. Aim is in teams of 2 to complete 15 intervals each totalling 9km and the 15s is there to allow time for the changeovers.

Happy as my team won and we averaged 1:45.1 split between is and I kept all mine below 1:35 split and hit 1:26 on my last one. I predict I averaged just under 1:34.0 split overall. I did this back in late September and only managed around 1:38, so I have come a long way.


Back to back sessions:
Squats: 60/5, 100/3, 120/3, 130/2, 100/10
Pull Ups: 8, 8, 9
Dips 12, 16, 12
Nothing too heavy today, as I have a race tomorrow. Last race for my old club. No intention of tapering as such, but want to avoid any muscle soreness.

45 minutes on the stationary bike at 217 watts per hour. Just held UT2 pace, so felt really comfortable.



Race day. 6km downstream in a coxed 4. We came 2nd in our category and 4th fastest 4 out of about 16 or so crews.

We were about 1 minute off the winners, so overall a pretty poor result! Lack of organisation, training time together and a boat not setup right didn’t help things, but ultimately the issues came from very inconsistent rowing. Despite some very good patches, the rhythm and cohesiveness just wasn’t there.

I normally have a day off after races, but not after that!


1 hour 20 minutes cycling on the watt bike to the Blender Sufferfest video. Didn’t complete the last 20 minutes as I forgot to bring cycling shorts. That is not something I will be doing ever again.

Still I averaged 197 watts per hour, which given that included the warm up and the recovery periods in, I am fairly happy with,



2 x 20 minutes row on erg at r20 at 1:54.5 split with 3 minute rest.

Not feeling it at all tonight. Every stroke of that felt an effort.



Early season 2k test today.

6:37.7 at 1:39.4 split.

Not bad at this stage of the season. 6s quicker than my best last season and my best since I graduated from uni in 2012. I have a 6:30.9 PB to chase now. I have time to get some sprint work done to help knock that down.



7km row UT2 at 1:59.6 split r18.

Felt pretty wrecked today. Not toot disappointed as 2km tests are meant to hurt.