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Rowing, Strength and All Round Athleticism



5km recovery run. Took 22:31 which isn’t great at all, even when not going max out, think this week its taken its toll a bit.


14km outing in the 8 with 6 x 750m sprints.

15km outing in the coxed 4 with a 4, 5, 6, 5, 4 minutes of rate 30 burst, with low intensity paddling in between.


12 km in the 8. Little bit more of a technical focus.

12km in the 8 with 2 x 2km race pieces.

Tough weekend, but lots of mileage. Good consistency this week from the whole squad and at a personal level glad to be back on it.



3 x1250m at 1:45.1 split.

Not feeling good at all today so didn’t do the last 2.



10km outing in the pair, keeping the power on at low rates.


Squats: 60/5, 60/3, 100/3, 110/3, 120/3, 130/3, 135/3, 120/3, 100/10

Giant Sets:
Bench Press: 50/5, 50/5, 50/5, 50/5, 50/5, 50/5
Barbell Rows: 60/5, 80/5, 85/5, 90/5, 95/5, 60/5
V Sits: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10
Romanian Deadlift: 60/5, 80/5, 85/5, 90/5, 95/5, 60/5

Kept bench really light due to my wrist still being in a lot of pain. Pretty happy with everything else though.



3 x 1750m then 1250m on the last one with 7 minute rest.

Averaged a 1:44.3 split r 30.

Tough distance, but looking at times from 2 years ago I am hitting what I did in late June when peaking fr Henley, so confident I can go in fitter this year.

Wish I wasn’t so lazy last year, but hey lesson learned, I am not going to stop the consistent training and will hopefully have another strong year next year.



10km outing in a coxless 4.

Deadlift: 60/3, 100/3, 140/3, 150/3, 160/3, 170/3, 180/3, 140/3, 100/3

Giant Sets:
Weighted Pull Ups: BW/5, 5/3, 10/3, 15/3, BW/11
Military Press: 40/3, 50/3, 60/3, 65/3, 60/3
Ab Wheel Rollout: 6, 6, 6, 6, 6

Conditioning Superset:
Farmers Walk: 47.5/10m, 57.5/10m, 67.5/10m, 47.5/10m
Prowler Push: 75/10m, 75/10m, 75/10m, 75/10m

Solid day again today. Deadlifts felt very comfortable. Really cool to go back to the strength and conditioning gym and use the farmers walk handles and prowler. Interested to see what I could do with Farmers Walks and fairly new to them. Certainly a lot different than trying to use Dumbbells. Wrist was a little screwy still when pressing, but its getting there.



3 x 6 km row on erg at 1:58.6 split r20.


15km outing in the 8 including race starts and around 25 minutes or so of high intensity work split up.

12km outing in a pair steady state.

Good amount of mileage the past couple of days



10km technical outing in the 8.

14km outing in the 8 with some pyramid work then a 2km race pace piece.


15km steady state rowing in the 8. Some good mileage, definitely appreciated the lighter session today though.



6 x 1km sprints on ergo r28 with 4 minute rest, averaging 1:42.1 split.

Pace is really improving. If I can keep this going to Henley that would be great.



Only 20 minutes to fit a quick weights session in.

Squats: 60/5, 100/3, 120/3, 130/3, 140/3, 105/12(Rep PR)
Pull Ups: 5, 6, 7
Dips: 10, 12, 14

10km outing in the pair


11km outing in the 8. Very strong today.

Deadlifts: 60/5, 100/3, 140/3, 160/3, 180/3, 190/3, 140/3, 100/15

Giant Sets:
Military Press: 40/3, 50/3, 60/3, 70/3, 72.5/3
Weighted Pull Ups: BW/5, 10/3, 15/3, 20/3, 25/2
Ab Wheel: 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

Farmers Walks: 67.5kg/10m, 77.5kg/10m, 87.5kg/10m(PR), 67.5kg/10m
Prowler Pushes: 75/10m, 75/10m, 85/10m, 75/10m

Solid day all round. PR on the Farmers Walks, really enjoy having proper handles at the new gym. Might give the yoke and tyre a go next time. Really happy with a triple for 190kg on Deadlift, way ahead of target at this point.


10 x 1 minute sprint / 1 minute rest on ergo.

Averaged a 1:34.6 split.



14km outing in the 8.

9km outing in the 4.

Little bit off today in both boats, hopefully something we can quickly put behind us with our first regatta next Saturday.


14km outing in the 8. Much better today despite the headwind.



2 x 1750m at 1:44.1 split 7 minute rest.


Felt a bit broken today so went for a light swim:
200m warm up
4 x 100m front crawl on 1:50
4 x 100m breastroke on 2:00
Relaxed in the sauna


11km outing in the 8. Borrowed a boat for the weekend and the difference was incredible. Knocked 20s off our 2km time.


20 minutes on the bike with 5 x 1 minute on 1 minute off sprints

8km outing in the 8.


Rest day today, with the first regatta of the season tomorrow.

Nervous as hell, but looking forward to see where we stand, as we have still not raced the 8 properly.




So we were entered into 2 categories for the 8. First heat was top 2 into the final, 2nd heat for the IM1 (tough competition in the higher category) was top 3 into the final.

1st Race:
Terrible start put is about 5s down on the top 2 crews. After that from 500m to the end we were the 2nd fastest crew, but the start left us with too much to do. We finished 3rd and frustratingly missed out on the final.

2nd Race:
Really really strong headwind. Despite the conditions we managed a much better start. We tried to hang on to 3rd place, but just didn’t quite have the pace.
Disappointing day all round, but a few lessons learned and is the first time we have got a top 8 crew racing. Going in to the headwind in the 2nd race, was the hardest 2km I have ever done.


4.5km run in 20:10. Quite slow to be honest, especially with Sunday off for recovery.


Bit short on numbers due to a couple of the students in their final exams so we managed 12km in the 4- focusing on technical work.


10km outing in the 8 with a 1.5km, 1km and 500m race piece.


14km steady state in a pair. Felt it was more beneficial getting the distance work done on the water this Friday.


Double Outing:
1st Outing:
15km in the 8 with 8 x 750m pieces.

2nd Outing:
12km in the 8 with 3 x 1500m pieces.

Good work done again.



1st Outing:
14km outing with some pieces and a 2km practice piece.

2nd Outing:
12km outing with a 2km piece again. Destroyed by this point.


45 minute row on ergo at r22, 1:55.5 split.


10km outing in the 8.


Squats: 60/5, 100/3, 120/3, 140/3, 150/3, 140/3, 100/11

Giant Sets:
Military Press: 50/3, 60/3, 70/3, 70/3, 60/3
Weighted Pull Ups: BW/5, 10/5, 15/3, 20/3, BW/10
Toe Touches: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

KB Swings: 24/10, 24/10, 24/10
Burpee Press Ups: 5, 5, 5

Farmers Walks: 57,5/30, 57.5/30, 57.5/30, 77.5/15, 77.5/15

Happy with 150kg for a triple on squats and did a lot more distance on the farmers today.



1km, 1.5km, 1.5km, 1km with 5,6, 6 minute rest between each on the erg.

Averaged a 1:42.2 split.


8km outing in the 8. Last outing before we borrow a new boat and to sign off in style the footplate broke at 4 seat, so very little gained.

200m swim warm up
10 x 100m front crawl on 1:50 (fairly happy with this pace)
400m steady mix of front crawl and breastroke.

8km outing in a pair with a few bursts.


No cox for the 8 this Saturday, so out in the fours. 14km in the 1st sessions and 8km paddle in 2nd session.



14km outing in the 8 with 3 x 1km pieces.

10km outing in the 8, focusing more on technical side of things.

Tried out the new boat today and it is very speedy. Less forgiving if we row badly, but we now have a racing shell, so there are no excuses!


17km in a pair. Did a lot of high rate pyramid work and a 3km piece at r26.

Tough distance to do in a pair, but good work. Next race is this coming weekend.


Been a bit slack logging again, but most of my training has been huge mileage on the water. We raced last weekend and made the final on both days. We made the final in both which is progress from our first regatta missing out on both finals.

Unfortunately we only finished 4th. There were a couple of crews who were just faster than us, but we can definitely be faster. In every heat and final we were left behind off the start, but rowed through a lot of crews in the 2nd 1km. It shows we have the fitness levels for a light crew, but we need to be able to push harder of the start and I think just relax to get some easy speed.

Anyway back on the water again this weekend:


1st Session:
10km technical work in the 8.

2nd Session:
14km in the 8 with 2 x 2km race pieces.



1st Session:
14km in the 8 with 2 x 4km work

2nd Session:
14km mostly technical and paddling, but some good changes.



2km gentle swim followed by stretching. Back has been a bit sore with volume of rowing then being sat at a desk all day, so this really helped keep me loose.


16.5km outing in the 8 with 2 x (1 minute on 1 minute off race pace)
Really solid outing


Outing in the 8 with a 1.5km piece, 1km piece and 2 x 500m piece.


10km outing in the 8 focusing on starts.


200m warm up
4 x 100m front crawl on 1:45 (tried upping the pace and the extra 5s definitely makes it a lot more challenging.
4 x 100m breastroke on 2:00
2 x 400m steady state.

Exactly 1 week to qualifiers now. 50 crews (including a fair few international crews) for 32 places. Time to see if we have what it takes to qualify in the 8.


Well not been logging much but basically lots of water time.

Important news though is we have done it!
Qualified again for the biggest club event ever and this time in the 8. First time ever for the club to qualify an 8.

Absolutely buzzing! Makes all the work worthwhile. We have a tough first draw but for the 1st time we have one where we have a fightint chance.


So we have trained every day since qualification and raced yesterday at 6.30 as massive underdogs.

The video speaks for itself

This is why I do it and to take it on the finish line was special. First time winning a race at Henley and this is just the start!