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Rowing Machines?

Are there any type or rowers that are better, or are the yall ptretty much the same?

Im looking at this one http://www.rowingmachines.com/catalog/shopping/Stamina_ATS_Air_Rower_Rowing_Machine

or this one


The Concept II sets the standard. It’s the one I personally own and love.

The Stamina ATS looks like it may be pretty similar to the CII only cheaper. Air resistance is important (harder you pull, the harder it is to pull) and mimics an actual watercraft. It looks like the Stamina ATS has this, but it’s impossible to tell how realistic it feels.

A neat thing about the Concept II is that every single unit will row the same as all the others of that model #. Sounds geeky, but you can actually compete online against other rowers and know that your boats are identical (no unfair advantages). A lot of rowing clubs actually have minimum Concept II times to make it on the team.

The company also provides a lot of online support. You can post and compare times. They have rewards for milestones (ie a T-shirt at one million meters rowed, stuff like that) and all sorts of special events.

Anyway… they’re a little pricey ($800-900ish). But they’re expensive because they can afford to be. The CII is in a class of its own.