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Rowing machines

I hope this is the right forum to be asking this… I’m new here. Anyway, I haven’t done cardio in a long-ass time, but when I did, I enjoyed using the row machines at the rec at school. So I was thinking about getting one for home… I’m looking at the Stamina ATS for about $400 online, but can’t find it in stores to demo, so I’m hoping someone on here knows something about the quality of these units. I can’t really afford one of the higher-end ~$1000 models, but I don’t want a piece of crap, so if this one’s no good I’ll just skip it until I can afford a really nice one. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

I look forward to bugging you all in the future for advice on how to get huge. :slight_smile:

“Concept 2” is the Standard, you dont need anything better and they last forever and are the ergs the pros use (eg Rob Waddel etc).
If i was getting one i would go for a second hand Concept2, if you can find one, they are pretty much indestructable, so i cant see anyone wanting to sell it…

Yeah, I saw those and they looked like nice machines… however, I haven’t seen any second-hand ones anywhere, and I can’t afford a new one (at least not any time in the near future). I’m holding off until I get some kind of feedback from somewhere on the Stamina model… thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


I do most of my cardio “off my butt”. Whenever you sit down your heart rate also lowers. This sort of defeats the purpose. Not that I would avoid all cardio where there is a seat involved.

Instead of spending the money on a rower why don’t you get a treadmill instead? Do you already have one? Running is the single most efficient way to raise your heart rate.

Stamina isn’t known for quality equipment, but there stuff is usually pretty good for the price (mid-range). I would definitely shop around on the net for a good price. They are more of a bulk seller and you should be able to find a good deal.
P.S. Rowing is an incredible workout - even if you are sitting on your ass.


I do not deny that you can get a good “workout” by rowing. My only point is that if you are going to train for cardio that day, rowing is not near the top relative to pushing your heart lungs.

The argument is, “it works your entire body”. I agree! If however, you are going for a strength/muscle building training session then rowing is, again, not near the top.

Running, or some sort of “one the feet” cardio is far more challenging for your heart lungs. And it will not wear out your upper body, so that you can be stronger for your weight training days.

Again, I have plenty of respect for the rowing machine, for what it does do.

If you can wait until February - you can get a “used” Concept 2 following the CRASH-Bs in Boston…an indoor rowing competition that uses all new machines for the weekend and then sells them discounted after only 2 days use…you should be able to find info online.

As has been suggested, Concept 2 is the gold standard for rowers, They are not the most expensive, nor the cheapest, but they still rule all.

Anyone who thinks rowers are poor for aerobics should check out Clarence Bass at www.cbass.com.

I’d like to be able to do sprints, but they murder my lower legs and knees + I can workout indoors or outdoor as the rower is very portable.

okay, so it looks like I should hold off until I can afford the Concept 2 machines… thanks for the input guys. If anyone sees 'em 2nd hand for a good price, shoot me an e-mail… I’ll keep my eyes open in Feb. (thanks for the tip!).

I actually prefer rowing and swimming (another upper body dominant cardio) compared to the running types, simply because I lift more with my legs (not a big fan of upper body lifting).

I think it all depends on your goals.