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Rowing as an Eccentricless Recovery Tool


I was wondering if you could shed some insight into whether or not rowing (crew) would be good for eccentricless recovery, or a neural workout in particular for legs and back.

Although my competitive rowing days are relatively over unless I decide to make a comeback I do some steady state work with some regularity. I know I’d probably do more if I thought it’d help my recovery regarding my lifts, as it stands now I hate the erg so any reason to actually get on it is always good considering all of its cardiovascular benefits.


Obv. not CT, but, the erg is definately good for eccentricless recovery IMO.Usually after I squat/DL i’m pretty sore for the next few days but i find that when I’ve used the erg for conditioning after my leg workouts(usually do a Tabata with about 5-10mins steady state afterwards)) I feel a lot more loose and muscle soreness doesn’t last for as long afterwards.I can’t really speak to whether it would be good for neural recovery aswell but if your muscles aren’t sore and stiff then I’m guessing it would have a less strenuous affect on your nervous system ? just my 2 cents hope it helped.If you want to get CT’s veiw on this try posting your question on his next livespill.worked for me.

Thanks for the insight. I most definitely would not be doing tabata, and my idea of a quick erg is more about 60 minutes in Utilization 1 or 2 which most likely would be considered more taxing than just a quick bit after a squat/dl day. I suppose I’ll just have to play around with it. I’ll try asking in a livespill thanks.