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Row Strength vs. Chin Strength

how does your strength compare on the barbell row and chin?

I’ve found my chin is a lot stronger.

The last time I went heavy on chins, I did 200BW+60x6. I’m barbell rowing 155x3x8 in my Coan Deadlift cycle. I was advised to work on my row to help my bench and prevent imbalances.

My best Weighted Chin is 125 at a bodyweight of 190.

My T-Bar Row is 340 for 7 reps. My Barbell Row and T-bar Row are usually exactly the same.

If you’re doing Barbell Rows with 155 but you can chin a total weight of 260X6 then I’m guessing you’re cheating on your chins but you’re using ultra-strict form on Rows and bringing the bar up to your nipples.

If you want to move some weight, and hit your lats instead of your rear delts and rhomboids, then row into your belly button.

I’m not cheating even slightly on the chins, but the rows are pendlay style from the floor up.

I could probably use a lot more than 155 on a t-bar row but I’ve never done those.

I’ve done 100s for 12 reps on a db row before grip failed, but I cheat like hell.

I doubt I could get up more than 175 on the bb row for 6 reps, touching and without a back swing.

Maybe my form needs work.

Nice lifts bro. Strong. Gotta push for the 3 plate added chin!

My chin is 72% stronger.

I have varying chin vs. row strengths, but when I don’t shave my chin intensity goes up dramatically.