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Row Progresses Much Faster Than Bench?

I never understood how everyone had a bigger bench than row. I can’t find anyone else that actually is in my position, strict pendlay rows are the easiest thing in the world for me to progress on. they’re never hard, i can progress week to week and do that lift last after i’ve exhausted all my muscles and energy. My bench can be done early and ill always struggle on it.

My bench is 130 3x5 my row is now 162.5 3x5 and it doesn’t feel like it will ever slow down. i weigh 150.

I also started rowing only like 3-4 months ago, i started benching about 7 months ago. I started with the bar on both.

It feels great but it just doesn’t seem typical. Does anyone else have this experience?

Seems logical to me, the back looks like it has way more muscle. for me feels way more explosive than my chest muscles too.

I’d be more worried if the figures were the other way around. I don’t think your back can be too strong, frankly, but we’ve all seen the guys who bench and don’t pull, rounded shoulders is not a good look.

That said, if you post videos of your form people here you may find it’s a simple technique issue.


What the above poster said + it depends what kinda rows you do…cheating on rows (especially db rows) can easily give the false impression that your strength ratios are out of whack. Maybe try chest supported rows and see how you fair with those if you are really curious. It doesn’t matter either way really, most people have that one lift that they are disproportionately good at.

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So am I to understand there’s an issue if my bent rows and bench press are approximately equal?

How strict is your actual bent row?

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Keep pulling
Benching is overrated anyway

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i can’t answer for him, but if you’re curious mine i feel is pretty acceptable. my knees don’t move more than a few cm in any direction and hips don’t extend more than an inch which i feel is pretty strict.

Jarvans right
I wouldn’t worry to much, just think about how often your back gets involved ( rows, deadlifts, squats ect.) Compared to your pressing

i definitely use a bit of body english for the rows.

More variables at play in row. And more of your body potentially engaged. The movement is more coordinated. Therefore scope to improve is high. It might just be coordinated better. Bench is more focused