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Row Machine Workout

Someone suggested that I use the rowing machine for aerobic activity, since I am currently experiencing knee problems that prevent me from doing all the fun stuff - running, jumping, etc.

Does anyone out there have a workout suggestion for this kind of machine. The machine monitor has a screen that looks a little complex with what I assume are nautical type measurements, but there is another screen - called ‘Just Row’ with time measurements on it that I’ve used before.

Any suggestions for getting the most sweat out of this apparatus would be highly appreciated.

Thanks much.

It shouldn’t be hard to sweat when using a good rowing machine!

If you worked at getting a really good 2k score, which would be anything around a 1:45 500m avg. thats about the best thing you can do for burning calories.

Hey I just got a rower. I am using the “getting started” work out from concept2.com, the website has a lot of stuff on it if you have not checked it out yet.

I am going to try the 3 weeks for weight loss routine next, looks like it covers all intensitys.

[quote]vroom wrote:
It shouldn’t be hard to sweat when using a good rowing machine!

This is too true. Rowing machine are at the top of my list for serious (and way under-rated) kickass cardio workouts. Just make sure to keep your posture upright, and get into a rhythm with the pulling, catch, and release - legs, arms, arms, legs. Kind of a 4-step process that flows smoothly together (see above).

And like DF85 said, any info from Concept 2 is worth reading. They’re one of the best rowing companies around.

But honestly, I’d start out with just 5-15 minutes of total time(depending on your conditioning), with as few rests as possible. From there, we can get into intervals (tabata rowing is wicked) or setting a distance/time record.

Thanks so much for the website, photos, and advice. I’m going to try this and let you know how it goes.