Row, Bike, Ruck

Hey all. I’m not sure if I need to put this in conditioning or weight loss forum, but my goal is both. I’m currently 280 but want to drop to around 200-215 over the next year. I competed in a strongman competition in August and enjoyed it so would like to do another one this year, as well as a PL meet as a side goal just for fun.

I’ll be doing 5/3/1 Mon/Thurs and events or hunting(carrying a 100 lb hog out of the woods is decent cardio) on Saturdays. I want to row, bike(road bike), and ruck each week, and have hit up the rower and used to cycle quite a bit, but not sure about rucking. I am thinking rucking at a steady pace on Tuesday, either at the beach or in the woods, short & intense intervals on the rower on Wed, and Friday another long ride with intervals throughout.

I know the theories of steady state vs interval training but I enjoy longer rides and used to enjoy running when I was much lighter. I don’t want to do more than 1 ruck a week because I imagine it can wear down your knees after frequent rucking.

As far the PL and SM, I won’t be peaking for any of those, I’ll just be doing those as a fun aside…only goals are to put up an “okay” novice number on the 3 lifts and not zero in any events…I’m guessing a 1200 total for my 1st pl meet(close to that right now, strained my MCL a few weeks ago working on continental cleans) so not sure how I am now.

Any advice on structuring those 3 and maximum recovery for lifting? I’ve always been a fan of lifting but have never paid much attention to conditioning and want to start getting back into better overall shape.

If I were you, I’d just cycle as much, as far and as often as I want to. The running might (!) be stressful on your knees at your weight, So I’d be wary about jumping into the deep end and go for long distances immediately. The rucking… Well, you’re carrying carcasses once a week anyway. You certainly don’t have to do rucking on top of it.

Do you have access to a pool or a place to swim?

check out alphas log -combines rucking, strongman training and heavy powerlifting

It’s simply trial and error. Do what you want, record and track it and adjust accordingly. If you’re going to do a lot of cardio, regardless of what exercise, then I can’t say enough to keep your HR down. If you want to cardio hard that is fine but it is going to require a lot less volume and diligent programming.