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Rouzier Looks Like a Woman

I know that he’s against the use of AIs but I’ve also heard rumors he takes exogenous estrogen. Can anyone confirm this?

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I’ve not heard this, but so what.
Assuming it’s true, perhaps his e2 is low for the level of test he wants to have. Poor T -> E2 conversion. Maybe he’s treating something we don’t know about or he just feels better.

I’ve read a few discussions that have brought up the idea of men taking exogenous estrogen and progesterone for various reasons.

Dude looks like a lady. They give estrogen to MTF transgenders. Not an exact analogy I know but c’mon.

What’s your point? Is this like trying to call him a girl or something like we’re back in 2nd grade?

Me thinks it’s just wishful thinking on your part.

who is Rouzier?

This guy.

He’s kind of the father of the whole “e2 in men isn’t a problem” position that a lot of people have now, he was saying it way before people were listening. That’s the short version anyways.

I just did google images, and unless his appearance has changed recently I find the assertion that he looks like a woman unfounded.



Neal Rouzier has forgotten more on the subject than everything everyone knows in this forum.

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He’s not the only one, and they feel much better getting e2 up into a healthier range for them. If my T didn’t aromatize correctly I’d take e2 tabs as well

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It’s not common place but I have several docs with a handful of patients requiring this and it was a life changer for them.

Under-aromatizers are MUCH more common than over-aromatizers.

Come on man! Mutant levels of peak NO production in the vascular wall to support a Hct of 68%, maybe. Looks like a woman, no.

Well that too but c’mon compare and contrast.rand

There are tied on Hct! At that Hct, I would not be vertical.

Rand did cycles most of his life. Rouzier clearly hasn’t done much regarding physicial activity. Win for Rand.

Rouzier will obliterate Rand in every intellectual exercise imaginable. It wouldn’t even be a fair contest.

Rouzier for the win.

Ipse Dixit

And of the two who is least likely to get male breast cancer:

Do you know how many BS “estradiol was ‘associated’ with cancer” studies there are out there?

Estradiol is cancer protective. Do I need to provide all the literature on that again? I’ve only done it a few hundred times.

Rouzier will be least likely, by miles.

Rouzier has healthy levels of estradiol which is cancer protective.

Rand keeps his E2 at 15, reducing the cancer protective benefits of estradiol, and also adding a toxin to his body that damages endothelial function.

Sigh…everything you don’t agree with is a BS study. Whatever dude.

Please watch this. Please. Then share your thoughts. I promise you won’t think it was a waste of time: