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Routing During Cycle


I was wondering if you guys change your routine during a cycle. Due to great recovery/no soreness, I have been significantly increasing volume and frequency. Make sense?


I dont change anything really.
I do the same thing that I would always do while on or off gear.
like off gear I go in 4 days a week an hour to hour and a half a day.
on gear I go in 5 days 2 hours a day.
I do not go overboard with it gear does nothing more than just make things a little easier is all.
diet is the big thing though. that will make or break any cycle right there.


Im 240 now, trying to get to 255 with a test only cycle. Eating about 400 gr protein, 500 good carbs, 150 good fats. A mixture of clean foods and supps. Will this work?


Looks good on paper, just keep the calories high and clean.