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Routines For Bench/Squat/DL


ive been powerlifting and dowing football for a while now. I made up these programs for the dead/bench/squat i also include some other work.

Squat Cycle
Squat 5RM (2 wks)
Front squat 3RM (2 wks)
Squat 3RM (2 wks)
Squat 1RM (On a box (2 wks)
Front squat 1RM (On a box) (2 wks)

Bench Cycle
Bench Press 5RM (2 wks)
2 Board Press 3RM (2 wks)
Bench Press 3RM (2 wks)
2 Board Press 1RM (2 wks)
Bench Press 1RM (2 wks)

Snatch Grip Dead 5RM (2 wks)
Trap bar dead 3RM (2 wks)
Snatch Grip Dead 3RM (2 wks)
Trap bad dead 1RM (2wks)
Snatch Grip dead 1RM (2 wks)

i like snatch grip dead lifts more than a closer grip just, and the football coachs make us use the trap bar so i had to include that

hows that set up look

thanks for your help


I don't quite follow. Do the above RM's mean that each week or each workout you work up to that RM? If so, then I'd probably lengthen each timeframe to more like 3 or 4 weeks. Your changing the exercises and reps pretty frequently. What sets are you using, and what additional work?

If 10 weeks is the mesocycle you're dealing with, I'd probably stick with a single lift for 5 weeks, using triples for 2 weeks, doubles for 2 weeks, and singles the last, and then start over with a new main exercise.


Kind of looks like Joe Kenn's routine for the front seven.


it looks set up pretty good to me, but what are you including for assistance?


Bench Press: Cycle
Close grip Bench: 5x5
Standing military press: 3x5
Bent over row: 4x6
Power cleans: 8x2
Snatch: 6x2
Push Press: 3x3
Speed Bench: 6x3 65%

Squat: cycle
GHR: 3x8
Lunges: 3x8
Good mornings or back extentions: 3x8

Deadlift: cycle
Hang clean: 5x3
1 arm snatch: 3x3
Speed box squat: 6x3 65%
GHR: 3x8


for speed bench i think doing it last woould make it hard to explode as fast as possible because you will be tired from the other exersises and also same thing with speed box squat. other than that it looks pretty good


so are you saying i should perform those as the first exercise of the day.


for wednsday id do speed bench first because your looking to improve those main 3 lifts. as for Sunday i would do it after
deadlift. i would start off at like a lower percentage like 50% for speed then graduually up the weight week by week. but this is just my oppinion.

and one other thing i would probably switch wednesdays workout with fridays. i think it woudl give you a little more of an edge wioth recovery for your legs and shoulders.

i suggest you get other oppnions though cause im not that smart


oh your in connecticut. where in??


greenwich, there's really no where to train here for powerlifting that i know of.