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alright i am looking for a good rountine to follow. i am 15 5' 8" and 122 lbs. i am looking for a rountine that would build my chest and biceps a lot. any ideas?


Well, if you're specifically looking for a routine from here, I suggest viewing Waterbury's stuff. Lots of people swear by his programs. But that's just a start.


my advice to you is to not focus on your chest and bicep like most of the morons at gyms do, work your whole body or you will look like a moron with a huge chest and biceps and tiny peg legs

if you have never lifted before, try some full body routines, pick some basic exersizes like squat, deadlift chest press, barbell row you can add in bicep and tricep work if you want just try to keep the work out under an hour

do that 3 days a week to get used to weight lifting once your more experienced you can go to splits if you really want, but no point of doing a split in the begining when you cannot generate enough intensity to justify all that time off

and the most important thing is your diet, its 80% of the battle at least, eat lots LOTS and eat clean food dont eat fast food crap, and dont fall into the suppliment trap, you DO NOT need ANY suppliments if you eat properly, do suppliments help? sure SOME work well but you do NOT need them


I would go for the Waterbury compound low rep protical like "Big" said and follow "lennon" advice.

But I know from experience that sometimes you just want the "lazy" way out. This is what I did when I was 14: Got me a 110lb weight set for christman. Started doing siting curls on my bed, benches on my bed, standing military presses, hanging front & back squats. Within 1 year I went from about 140lbs 10% body fat to 160lbs at probaly 12% body fat, 3 sets of 8 to 4 sets of 25 at least for all of the above within 1 year,3 sets of 25 situps to 1 set of 250-300 situp in one year..ect. But I also have very good genetics, even on a shity program I had decent results. But I also come from a miltary background: mom's dad was army, dad's dad was navy, after there service they both where farmers, long Blodd line of Germans, Indians, Blacks,....farmers, military..ect.

So what worked for me, might not work for you. I would stick with the first 2 post's.



Good advice!