Routine / Workout Suggestions

Ok, I need a few suggestions/hints from anyone who is willing to offer them. I have been off the gym for about 6-8 months after training solid for 2 years. I have basically lost all muscle mass/definition and gained about 30 lbs of fat. (Disappointing, I know) I am 26 years old, 5’8" and revolving around 170lbs probably around 15-20%bf. I would eventually like to be about 180 at 9-10%bf. I know the exercises, but haven’t found a decent routine that would fit my clean/bulk needs. What would be a fitting routine for returning to the gym after months of slacking???

What supplements are good for getting back into shape?? I still have all my supps. (Nitrix, Syntha-6, Cellmass, ON Whey, Green Bulge, Fish Oils, Taurine, and NO-Assplode), but I feel like taking them at the beginning would be a waste.

Finally - Caloric intake / Diet!! My diet right now is what made me the current fatass. So this is probably the biggest issue I am dealing with. How many calories should I be consuming and what should I be eating (besides the obvious chicken and veggies)?

Thanks for any advice in advance, it is well appreciated

i’d say start with starting strength by rippetoe and after a couple weeks add some other exercises

35 squat
5 bench press
1*5 deadlift


35 squat
5 overhead press/military press
53 pendlay rows, or 53 power cleans if you know how to do them

then you can add dips, pull ups, some abs exercises if you want, and maybe a few more for the lower back.

supplements, who cares. take whey right after workout. fish oil i guess is good if you dont eat fish. the rest ive no idea what they are.

calories i’d say start with 3000 on average(3000 on off days, ~3500 on gym days, ~2500 on couple of days to keep bf low) for the first 4 weeks, you’ll probably lose some fat and gain muscle, then increase or decrease on your own. 3500 on average if you do cardio.

if you do cardio, do it on days off the gym, probably right before breakfast, and switch it up between sprints and constand pace running.

generally you should eat

protein + fruit+ slow carbs at breakfast(whole wheat rice for example)

post workout drink whey+fast carbs… i like milk, since it gives you even more protein and carbs

post workout meal protein+lots of slow carbs(say 120gr brown rice, whereas about 30gr at breakfast)

then you get around 3 more meals that will have protein+fat

the first one should have fat from meat(good meats of course)
second one fat from nuts(peanuts are good and cheap)
third one fat from good oils, like olive oil

the sequence doesnt matter much.

get at least 170gr of protein a day, and IMO at least 230 would be better. around 100gr fat if you dont drink milk, and carbs should vary depending on the day but start with about the same as protein, maybe a bit more

post a diet you suggest following the above and we can then suggest changes to it.

oh and of course, eat as many veggies as you want… green ones are the best, specially spinach and broccolli

Any routine! There is no perfect routine, you need to get back to the gym.

Thanks LS… I’ll post a diet and updates as they happen.

And Evan, I know there is no perfect routine, thats not what I was trying to request. I just wanted a decent beginning routine. Didnt want to start out doing Drop Sets and Supersets and then not be able to lift my arms or walk for a week.

Thanks again