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Routine with No Supplements


Hey guys, recently I was diagnosed with a kidney condition and my doctor told me to take no supplements of any kind to avoid making it worse. I wanted to know your opinions on if I should change my workouts. I'm currently on a five day split, about five exercises a day, 3 sets-8-12 reps almost exclusively compound movements. Should guys that take no supplements approach workouts different that guys that take them?


No. Supplements aren't that important, especially if you eat and sleep right. If the workouts start to bury you, rethink stuff. Until then, just keep going. You'll know when to change things up.


I'm certainly not going to say ignore what your doctor told, but did he clarify at all? "Supplements" is a pretty broad category, like saying "don't eat vegetables". There are lots of different supplements with lots of different ingredients for lots of different goals.

Also, do you have to limit your overall protein intake from food?

You don't necessarily need to change your workouts, but you do need to be 100% dialed in with your nutrition and make sure you're eating in a way that lets you recover from training and gets you closer to your goals.

Not using supplements would be like not using dumbbells. Of course you can see results without them, but when used properly, they can be a tremendous advantage.


I will echo what Chris said--under no circumstances should you ignore what your doc said in favor of some guys on the internet, but there's a lot of "supplements" that are actually good for the liver/kidneys, or just plain healthy in general---fish oil comes to mind, and it is essentially just a food: you can get fish oil from eating salmon for dinner, just not as much.

So in that sense "fish oil" is actually good for the kidneys/liver, and will not impose any more demands than eating a meal of salmon (actually could impose LESS demands than ingesting whole protein sources).

That is why you need to clarify what he means by "no supplements", up to and including a one-by-one list of individual supplements: omega-3 fish oils--yes/no?, multivitamins--yes/no?, or greens supplements for nutrient support like dried fruit/veggie extracts---yes/no?, or milk thistle for liver health, or supplements meant to help support kidney function and health. Etc. etc.

The other question I have is a big one---Exactly what were your results? Do you have protein in your urine with elevated creatinine, ONLY elevated creatinine but no protein in urine? Do you have type 2 diabetes and/or high blood pressure? Both of those disorders tend to be present (though not 100%) if someone is diagnosed with kidney problems. They also tend to be present BEFORE kidney problems present.

In other words--details, blood work, anything you can say?

As far as workouts, no real need to do a great adjustment as of now, I wouldn't think.