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Routine When Working Offshore w/ Less Equipment


Hi..I have made my own workout routine when I at duty offshore, and on some rigs the equipment is often not very well, so I made a full body quicky, and would like som feedback/tips on it.

-UprightRow + BTN-Press (Snatch grip) 3 x 10+10
-MachineRow + ChestPress + LatPulldown 3 x 10+10+10
-Bodyweight Squats + 1 x 50

This is what I have in mind, but I feel like the volume would be way to high, much more then I normally do home (more like 15 total reps pr exersice, and different more basic exersices too),
So I was thinking of maybe change down to 5 reps instead of 10 ?!

any comment would be great ! :slight_smile:


Considering that I'm a lower rep guy I really don't like it.


Me too, have the same feeling, total volume is more then I believe in, so would it be an idea to use 5+5 & 5+5+5 instead ? and lets say use some kind of Explosive Jumps for legs ?


The body weight squats are a waste... if you have a barbell and weights you can likely do deadlifts. All and all I don't like it. If you list me the equipment you have I could be of more help.


I will write u my main workout session under, and that is what I try to do most of the time..
But the fact that they throw me around like a rat on different places I cant give u en exact equipment list.. most places have dumbells, lat pulldown, chest press, leg extentions u get the picture.. Some places also have a barbell and plates.

monday & friday
-PowerClean & PushPress 5x3
-Weighted Pullups 3x5
-Weighted Dips 3x5

-Squats 5x3
-Explosive Jumps 20 Singles