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Routine When on a Winstrol Only Cycle?


Hi al,

I am gonna do a winstrol only cycle, and I had a question. Its gonna be my first cycle, and I don't really know yet how to get the max out of it.

I was struggeling with what kinda routine I should follow. I always have read, naturals need a frequency of 2 times a week each bodypart, users 1 time a week. (general rule, not for everyone the same)

Now I am following a ub/lb routine. And i thought:
- Should i train the same when ON?

  • Should i do a fullbody program
    Quick recover, so you can do higher volume (thats what i thought)

  • Should i do a 4/5day split routine
    Most people that use something trains split i think.

Thanks for the advice already. Im very curious.


Why winstrol only?


I know most of you don't like it, but its just a descision i made. I saw many good results from others, I live with my parents and so orals are easier, and i see this as a step for later.

Winstrol > test > test+winstrol. Thats about my plan.

Winstrol seems perfect for what i want, little bit leaner, more mass (4kg or so) and the hardness, because i would like to do a photoshoot at the end of my cycle, for myself :slight_smile:


To get the most out of this cycle you should grow a pair a run atleast 500mg of Test along with the Winni.

As for routine every one is different even on gear. Your life style and foals are different from mine therefore were not really sure how ever with abit of more info

Current Lifts

We could probably help out ALOT more.


My patience is gone today. I've already said that in another stupid post.

I can't handle you.


its not most no one here supports oral only cycles and if they do they are not worth listening to considering they know just as little as you. Your probably not gonna get much help here. Go ask the guys you know who did it who gor such awesome gains from winni only cycle... Which this has never happened.


As far as liver toxicity is concerned, from what I understand you should only run oral winstrol about 5 weeks, which may be too short a time to see any good gains.

Lower back pumps were not fun either.




WW, how have you done this for as long as you have and not lost it on one of these guys?


I have no idea how he has. Where do are these morons come from? No wonder most people think steroid users are fucking retards. People like this.


I just recently cycled off of tren, my patience is impenetrable


It's an everyday thing here. I honestly feel like I don't know that much but I see shit like 3-4 times a day and feel like a steroid genius. I usually stay patient but I'm getting more and more frustrated. I think because these people want advice then say we are wrong, argue, and go do something retarded after its all done with.


ok OP here's the dealio

winstrol is a one trick pony.. it makes you look dry when you are already very lean.. that's it.. it really can't do anything other than that which is why it is used strictly precontest

it is harsh on your liver, and very harsh on your lipids.... not to mention your hairline.

so you can hope for absolutely miniscule results (because im assuming your diet and training suck) and a wealth of side effects. You will be very displeased with your results..and you will need pct because your hpta will be shut down.. chances are good that you may even come out of this with less size than you began with

also you live at home so im assuming you are way to young to even be considering this if your natural production is good


I'm 23 and live at home, DON'T JUDGE ME BRO :frowning:


I live at home too, but I have my own guest house. It's free and bodybuilding is expensive.


Haha my parents just bought a huggggge ranch with two detached garages, and they're furnishing the larger one. Maybe my fiance and I shoukd just sell our townhouse, move in, and see how long it takes for them to notice that they have squatters...


well there is a difference between living at home to keep costs down, and living at home because you are hopelessly retarded


Lmao. I will ask it somewhere serious.

See my topic teen wants to cycle > bigger @ 16yo than most of ya all after your first cycle. Now who don't know anything about training/diet. Lolol....

Im done with this shit bye.


6 weeks 40/50mg ED is about the normal dosage for winstrol only.


Why are you still here?