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Routine Wanted!

Hi T-folks,

While my house gets built, I have all my gym equipment in storage. I’m living in cramped quarters for the next 1-2 mths. I’ve brought along two 30lb dumbells and a Power Tower (good for chins, leg raises, dips). I’m used to my deluxe gym and typically do a 5x5 type routine. With this sparse apparatus, if you were me, what type of routine would you do? Appreciate the help!

Why not see if any locals gyms will have monthly memberships??

You also have pushups, handstand presses, and dips (among other things and a ton of isometric exercises) readily available.

Try my “Nose Bleed Pyramid 300” using pushups and arm curls. Its good for when you can’t get to gym or when your just hard for a good pump.

Pushups: 80 good solid reps

Pushups: 70 reps as fast as you can stopping just short of fully extended

Pushups: 50 good solid reps

Pushups: 50 reps as fast as you can[quote]Dumbbell Curls: 10 reps [/quote]
Pushups: 20 good solid reps

Pushups: 20 reps as fast as you can [quote]Dumbbell Curls: 5 reps [/quote]
Pushups: 9 good solid reps

Pushups: 1 single rep lasting a minute total. 30 seconds to go down, 30 seconds to come up.

The nose bleed comes when you collapse and smack your face into the floor cause it takes too much energy to move it.

The anti-muscle of this can be performed using bent-over reverse flys and tricep kickbacks/skull crushers.

I would try to make use of the stuff you have, but being me I would look for some heavier stuff to use since I’m a bit unorthodox.

I don’t know what you normally use for poundages, but if 30lbs is heavy enough then do some dumbell work, if not look into some alternatives.

Why not try these exercises with what you got:

sternum chins or sternum pullups

“fall on face” (ahh, don’t know what it’s called, but you kneel down with feet under a couch or something else with someone sitting on it so it doesn’t move, and fall on your face basically. Then come back up into position with minimal assistance from your arms.

1 legged squats

clapping pushups, 1 arm pushups, pushups with wifee sitting on your back, and triangle pushups for those tris

dips with wifee pushing down on your shoulders

get a chicken feed bag (or a boulder), fill it with gravel or sand, and walk around with it, press it, clean it, squat with it, hell you can do anything with it if yo don’t mind the awkardness of it.

cut a cedar tree down with your axe, or Johnson 600 chainsaw, throw your new log on your back like a bar, and squat with it, or military press.

get a couple youngsters and grab their arms, and then proceed to curl them up. Switch after each set.

And that’s all I can think of right now.

Chins, Dips and Lunges. What else do you really need?

Read King’s “Death by bodyweight”. I’m sure that’ll kick your ass for the month you don’t have access to much equipment