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Routine & Traps ?



Can somebody give me advice on my routine? I got great gains with it but my traps are tight as hell when i get up in the morning. It's like my whole shoulder girdle is pulled up and needs to settle down in the course of the day.
Maybe there are any muscle imbalances?
Allright heres what i do.

Box squat(very light, got kneeprobs)
Rack Pulls
Back Pull
Lat Pulldown
Upright Row
DB Military Press
Face Pulls
Push ups of all sorts

I'm training two times a week.
I do a lot of different weights/reps
Usually just one set of each exercise. Sometimes to like 40 reps, then a weight i can do for like 5 reps. The good thing in this is that I've gains like everytime i hit the gym (Didn't happen the 5 years before when i was doing the classic 3x10 thing).

P.S.: Thanks for the help, and sorry for my bad english


Are your shoulders the only thing that's sore? Or is it just really bad compared to everything else?


yes ive done a similar routine after years on 3x10 style and my girlfriend tells me i look bigger every day try doing some deadlifts or good mournings