Routine (training split)

I need help! I’ve hit a huge plateau and the only size I’m gaining is around my stomach. I’m 18 and training for mass (preferably lean of course). I’ve tried all the basic routines and am looking for something maybe a little more unorthodox. Mostly, an outline of a good training split would be highly beneficial. I normally do protagonist vs. antagonist(bi’s vs. tri’s or chest vs back) or single body part days (just legs, just shoulders). Any contribution to helping my depressed ass out would be greatly appreciated

Try an Ian King program. There’s a bunch of them at T-mag, or maybe GVT2k. And watch your diet. It’s not your training split that’s causing your gut to grow. Oh, and one of those ‘dawg school’ columns has a list of training splits, too.

  I suggest you try drop sets. I did them for the whole month of january. And now in Feb Iam doing negative training not worrying about weight which I increased 5 to 8 pounds on my lifts thanks to drop sets.
  I do shoulders and legs MON,  chest and back TUES,   then arms WED   If my week is regualar due to my work.
  Also If you wanna go up in weight you gotta eat and drink ungodly amounts of water plus the usual bcaas protein glutimine and try a liqud creatine.

                 KEEP LIFTING

Do the opposite of what you are currently doing. If you train chest and back together train them on separate days. If you train bigger body parts before smaller body parts switch it around. If you train calves and abs at the end of your workout train them first in your workout.

IT’S YOUR DIET STUPID!! J/K (inside joke among T-men)Seriously, you might want to change your program but what you should be concentrating on is your diet!! You can control everything thru your diet, so study the search engine. Good luck

Hey Franky, go fuck yourself!(inside joke amongst 18 year olds with good diets). I’m playin’, thanks for your advice but my diet really isn’t what’s suspect. I do appreciate that you took another appraoch to my situation. I also want to thank the other contributers for their suggestions. I decided to take a week off and work on a completly different approach.