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Routine Too Simple?

hey guys, i have a question about my fullbody workout routine. i lift 3X/wk and alternate between these 2 workouts each time.

Day A
incline press
bent row
shoulder press

Day B

assuming my nutrition and rest is in good order, can i gain on this routine? is this too short and simple? please comment or critique my workout.

Provided your load and volume are up to snuff, you can definately gain with that workout.

Keep the intensity up and vary your volume ocassionally and that workout could last you quite a while

I would swap the dips and incline on those days. Letting you hit pressing miovements from morer varied angles each day. The way you have it now you are doing two very similar movements on the twop days,

everything else looks good as far as choices of movements.

Like was statde above load and rep parameters???


I am a bit of a newbie but my routine is fairly similar, and I seem to be slowly but surely gaining strength and mass.
day one

  1. 10x3 clean and press
    2a.4x6 health lift and shrug
    2b.4x6 side press
    3a.4x6 reverse curls
    3b 4x10 hanging leg raises

Day 2.

  1. 10x3 Squat
    2a.4x6 Pullups
    2b.4x6 incline press
    3a.4x6 suitcase deadlift wrist curl
    3b.4x6 weighted crunches
    working out 3 times a week, alternating the workouts.

thanks for everyone’s advice. ya ideally i would switch those 2 movements but im home for summer and alternate working out in a free community gym(with no rack for squats and inclines) and my basement(with no dip station). so i had to switch it up a bit. i plan on switching up the reps/rest time every few weeks.

OK so do dips and overhead presses at the gym and inclines and flat bench at home. Bingo problem solved. LOL

[quote]Phill wrote:
OK so do dips and overhead presses at the gym and inclines and flat bench at home. Bingo problem solved. LOL[/quote]

I agree with Phill, that is a good solution, provided that your incline is great enough. Eg, if it is only a 5 degree incline it would be lumped in with a horizontal push.

What Phill is getting at is on Day A you have two vertical push (ie, incline press and shoulder press), and on Day B you have to horizontal press (ie, bench press and dip), and it would be best to mix these.

Another point on this though is that you may have to much push in this plan, depending on volume. Assuming your volume is the same for all the exercises, you have two push movements for every pull, ie, 4 (bench, inc, sh press, and dips) and 2 (pull up and row); unless you call deads a pull (which is fair) you have 4 and 3. It may be wise to seek better balance. Considering the size and strength potential of “the muscles you cannot see” you would be better off giving back movements more volume/movements if you are not going to completely balance your program. A caveat here is that this whole observation depends on what your exact set/rep scheme is.

Long story short: consider dropping one vertical push and horizontal push from each day, or halve the volume on them all.

my .02

Great point bino on the Push and pull issue. I agree totally

I would lean toward the half volume option and multiple angles.

Ex 2 push movements total 4 sets, 1 pull total 4 sets

or something of the sort. Or through in more pulls.

Just my take,

Looks good to me… if you want some good ideas of a similier workout search the web for Bill starr, he has alot of great 5x5 base routines that pretty much only use the lifts you have listed (some also include cleans) and they are time tested and proven to work.

Starr?s approach is based on training the entire body three times a week using a heavy / light / medium rotation. Like I said search the web for his programs and see if you can adapt it to your split. If I was doing I would use his heavy / light / medium rotation on the main lifts for the day (squat/bench/deads) but apply it to the A&B workout seperatly, so weeks when you are squating twice a week do the light and heavy and the following week do the medium… anyway I’m just thinking out loud and rambling so…

well i cant do overhead presses at gym lol…o well ill jus hafta improvise for next few months. thanks tho for advice.

i will also even out my volume for push and pull exercises. thankyou for pointing that out, i didnt even notice the imbalance.

[quote]drm17 wrote:
well i cant do overhead presses at gym lol…o well ill jus hafta improvise for next few months. thanks tho for advice.[/quote]

Is there a rule against them at the gym or no equipment? Can’t you do standing BB or DB military presses?

there is only a flat bench and dumbbells. ive used the dumbells. ive worked up to 60lb dumbells but the next weight they have are 70lbs. this is too much for me. do you think standing barbell presses are better than sitting? i can feel how it works more of my back but it seems dangerous to go to failure using this form.

since i’m lazy - anyone have a link for this?

The basics always work, so you can’t go wrong