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Routine to Add Muscle



I was looking for a routine that would help me in adding muscle. You have time under tension- low frequency...high volume etc. Here is my workout routine: Understand my reps are written out as they are done. 15-8 reps would indicate, 15 reps on my first try...8 on last. ( 8-12 )..would be 8 first set, 12 last. However..my routine:

4 Day Routine:

  • All Reps are controlled: So reps on first set tend to be higher- something new I am trying:
    DB Bench-3 Sets- reps ( 15-8 )
    Incline Db Bench- 3 sets- reps( 12-8 )
    Db Flyes- 3 to 4 sets- Reps ( 12-8 )
    Incline Chest pulleys- 3 to 4 sets ( 8-12 )

Lat pull downs- 4 sets-( 12-8 )
Seated pulley row- 4 sets-( 12-8 )
Chin ups- 2 to 3 sets- ( 6-10 )
One Arm rows( 13-8 )
Facepulls- 2 to 3 sets- 10 reps

Squat 3 sets ( 8-10 reps )----Every other week Rotate them out for Sumo Deadlifts
Leg press 45 degrees- 3 sets ( 8-10 reps )...Sometimes rotating a compound movement
Leg Extensions- 3 Sets- ( 12-8 reps )
Hamstring Extension- 3 sets- ( 10-8 reps )
Calves-2 sets 20 reps....varies...

Db bicep curl: 3 sets ( 15-8 )
Db hammer curl: 3 sets ( 15- 8 )
Preacher curl: 3 sets----strict - reps-( 13-8 )
Close Grip: 3 Sets- Reps ( 8-10 )
Skull Crushers: 3 sets
One arm tricep pull downs: 3 sets

There you have it.....In detail. Every week, I try to increase weight. Then the next with the newly added weight, try to add reps. I use to train chest/tris...Back/bis...Legs. 4 exercises for chest and back, only two for biceps and triceps. I also use to switch up exercises all the time- Your thoughts on that?

After this I might try high intense...Dorian Yates style, he went 2 sets of about 10-12 reps...then heavy 6 reps last set. His focus was on the last set.

So is this not optimal? Jut trying for advise. Goals: Muscle first, strength second. Notice no shoulders...my right shoulder can get re-injured at times, so those are out.


were you born without shoulders? If not, might want to train them


[quote]Yogi wrote:
were you born without shoulders? If not, might want to train them[/quote]

He has an injury.

I dunno OP, I think the leg volume is very small compared tot he upper body. Dorian has posted his routine if you wanna do that. That style of training is so intense, I would probably just still with what he had (and compensate for the “assistance” he had)


Yeah that stuff that the OP posted is not Dy’s workout, the 3 sets thing. He did 5 sets. All usually 6-8 reps, except legs and sometimes triceps.

He has his workouts all over the net. But when he did the first 7 years of his training he had higher volume, like double the volume near the end of those 7 years. Only for the 1993 Olympia did he cut down to the lower volume people read about today. He cut it down because he believe more muscle takes more time to recover. Still other guys he was competing against were training their entire body 2 or 3 times a week, at like 12 hours a week.


Sorry OP, I missed that bit about the shoulder injury