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Routine Tips?


Looking for some info on my routine, seeing if I should change it up at all. Not really a beginner, but I don't really care for competing in bodybuilding,powerlifting, and oly lifting. I just want to have the benefits of those exercises and use it for overall strength and athleticism.

I go on a variable reps schedule - 1st week - 3x10, 2nd-week 10,8.6 3rd week - 3x5 4th - 3x3
5th week - 1RM

Lift 3 days a week and my main goals are mostly strength and athleticism.

Monday workout

Bench (Variable reps)
Wide Grip (Variable)
Incline DB (3x5)
Push Press (Variable)
Squat (Variable)
Front Squat (variable)
Tricep presses/ Pullover with DB (do 10 presses and 1 pullover x 3, that's 1 set - 3 sets)
Pullups (Variable)
Calf Raises seated (3x10)

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday Abs
Thursday - Plyometrics

Wednesday Lift- Pretty much all variable reps

DB Swings
Lateral Raises (front and side)
Good Morning
Bent Over Rows
Cable Suplex (3x10)

Friday Lift:

Incline Bench
DB Bench (3x5)
Push Press (may switch to jerk)
Box Squat
Jump Lunges 3x10
Preacher curls with barbell/ Preacher Hammer Curls
Tricep Pulldown (3x10)
Weighted Dips
Weight Pullups
Calf Raises (3x10)

All variable reps unless otherwise noted. Anything I should change. I progress by at least 5 lbs pretty much every cycle so I have been slow progressing and haven't really plateued at all.

Workout time is usually around 1:15 to 2hrs on Lifting days. 30 min to and 60 min on Ab/Plyo days.

Height : 5'8
Weight : 150-155
Age: 22

Bench - 255
Squat - 350
Deadlift - 370
Push Press - 200
Hang clean - 220
Weighted pullup and dip : 100 lbs added


Honestly man I would say you have waaaaaaay too many exercises, and a lot of em do the same thing. What are your goals? What are you trying to improve? Narrowing your focus will go a long way in your training.


Show us a video of that pull up with 100lbs added, and the squat


5 to the 3/1


^^Yup 5/3/1 ftw


Don't really take videos of my lifts, but I guess you guys wanted proof?

I couldn't get 100lbs on the pullup full from chin over the bar, so I didn't count it and I dropped it down to 90 on my 3rd set. I used a 12" box to stand up on, instead of having to jump up with a lot of weight attached then I go into a hang then pull and finish on the ground.

I wasn't trying to do a full clean on the push press since I find it difficult to transition my hands to a good pressing position after I catch the weight in a full and or power clean so I do a wider and different grip.


if you're going to do weighted dips / pullups at least finish the entire movement or also do negatives to work the upper portion also.

your routine is pretty long i'd suggest cutting some of it out because testosterone typically drops after about 40-60 minutes.

good stuff otherwise