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Routine Tips


Quickly. My routine looks like this:

Day1 - Chest+Triceps+front delt
Bench Press
close grip seated military press
Triceps Pushdowns
single arm pushdowns
triceps kickbacks

Day2 - Back+biceps+side/rear delt
DB rows
Bent over rows
Reverse fly (machine)
Side raises
side raises (cables)
Shrugs (DB)
Bicep workout optionally

Day3 - Legs + Abs
Leg Press
Calf Raise
Leg curl
Leg raise

Day4 - Rest

Day5 - Arms (bi+tri+delts)
Seated military press
DB shoulder press
front raises
Triceps pushdown
skull crushers
BB curls
Hammer curls
negatice machine curls

Day6 - Rest

Day7 - Rest

^Main compound lifts are done 5 sets each with reps: 7 5 2 5 7 (last 3 sets done to failure). Rest is done in 3 sets

Few facts:

-Gained very few lbs of muscle wroking out for the past year (probably due to natural growth)
-I have been on the same weight for about 2 months now and havent gaines a pound of muscle
-My lifts arent going up
-Ive been working out for a >year and made little progress
-I've been using this routine for the last 4 months
- My lifts are: Bench(full ROM, raw): 155-165lbs, Squat(w/belt, paralell):185lbs, Dead(): 285lbs (conventional, w/belt), Seated military: ~135lbs
- 18yo/153lbs-156lbs/5'11. bf%: 10%-12%

As you can see my stats are a joke and so is my muscle mass. I see people my age gaining muscle a lot faster than me. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?


Why are you doing so many exercises in a single workout?
Strength training isn't like gelati, you don't need to sample every flavour, just the good ones.
Judging from your height/weight, you don't eat very much, this should be addressed along with your fucked up workouts.
General diet guidelines:
Protein minimum, 1g/lb bodyweight, you should probably double this.
Carbs, twice as much as protein at least.
Fat, get your bodyweight in kg, for you ~70g/day
Go read up on 5/3/1 by Wendler or WS4SB by Defranco.


Focus less on your routine and play with your diet.

"you gotta eat big too get big". It's the staple piece if advice for guys lookig to pack on the mass.

Now don't think I'm telling you to get fat, start slow. Find your TDEE and add say 250 Kcals, then monitor for a week and see what happens.

If your weight doesn't increase, add another 250 weekly until your gaining .5 pounds a week.

Apply the basics, 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, make 30% of your diet from fats and fill the rest with carbs.

Plus I'm assumig you have the basics down I.e. Drink enough water, not drinking alcohol, getting enough sleep.

Lastly, if your eating a surplus really make sure your busting ass in the gym and making the numbers or the reps go up weekly.

I'd suggest reading busting ass 101 by Dave Tate

Good luck dude


I'm still struggling. damn.


Ha trust me Dude, those things may be the basics but their also the hardest to do.


I'm not ready to give up alcohol - ever. That might be the reason for me being a little skrawny bitch that I am though..


Well being skinny still beats being a fat slob :stuck_out_tongue:


"^Main compound lifts are done 5 sets each with reps: 7 5 2 5 7 (last 3 sets done to failure). Rest is done in 3 sets" and squats the day after deadlifts, deadlifts appear to be done after BBrows and a fuckton of shrugs.
My question: are you stupid?


Is this whole thread a joke...?


pick a program designed by someone who is not a retard and stick to it

eat enough to gain weight, if your lifts are not improving and/or weight is stalling you need to eat more


thx for the input..


Because your program is SHIT. Read. Read. Read. There is really nothing to criticize. Start over.