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Routine that Includes...


bench press, power clean, squat, and military press as main movements

I know of a couple, but I'm wondering if there are any out there i haven't seen?


Just make one, why does it need to be pre-written?
Use principles from whatever type of training best suits you and apply the movements respectively.

Good luck, and post it here when your done.


monday- BB bench press, BB military press, decline tricep-extensions with BB, and tricep pushdowns.

tuesday- power clean, back squat, pull ups, DB row

wednesday- rest

thursday- DB bench press, DB military press, overhead DB tricep-extensions, bw dips

friday- power clean, front squat, pull ups, DB row

saturday and sunday- rest

how does that look?


Have you read CT's HP Mass program?


i'm reading it now that you mentioned it, thanks. looks like a good routine.


Tues and Fri look hard, not a bad routine mate. I would use an ezy-bar for decline triceps extensions and on a flat bench so you can lower it right down behind the head Riptoe style, that smashes the tris.