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Routine Switch

I’m looking for help with this topic. I’ve heard two things about different routines

high rep/low sets = tone, but I’ve also heard size

low rep/high sets = size, but I’ve also heard strength.

First off which of these is true.

Also I’ve decided to switch off and on every month between high rep/low sets and low rep/high sets. I figured this will do two things this will allow to increase size and strength and get cut all in equal time and in turn will hopefully prevent plateaus from muscles getting used to my usual workout. Well my second question is when I go to low reps high sets do I want to cut out the definition exercises. For example. Like with chest do I want to cut out incline flys and decline flys and just do many flat bench and a little incline and decline bench? Please help I’m planning on switching routines next week.


Both methods will produce hypertrophy, but lower reps are more geared towards strength while higher reps are better for size. So for strength do no more than 5 reps, lift fast and use heavy weight. For size go with higher reps(8-18) with a slower controlled tempo for 3-4 sets and total about 40 reps per.

For definition - it’s all diet. But there are also Tabata, HIIT and GXP. Do a search. They cut fat really well.

This is a basic breakdown. I would recommend not going all out with those last reps i.e. don’t go to failure. That way you can train every muscle group at least 2x/week easily. Otherwise you’ll recover too long and the soreness doesn’t make life easier either.

People will disagree with me on this one but in my experience if you want to be big AND strong then get big first - it’s just better for the ego.

Just my two ce…err nickels

Thanks, I weigh about 270 and I have a lot of fat. Probably somewhere around 40-50% I’m eating right and lifting and doing a little cardio. Do the fat burners you speak of work with long term extreme fat loss like I need or are they just for seasoned lifters who want to get to extremely low body fat for a contest?


Actually I just realized that the other part of my question wasn’t answered. Do I cut out all the extra exercises when lifting for strenght like lat raises and stuff and just stick with the seated rows and wide grip pull downs or do I do a full routine just change reps, sets, and weight?