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Routine Suggestions?

Hey, and hi guys, anybody has best routine suggestions for me for at least 12 weeks(bulk gear based). My goals are to hit all weaknesses of mine and add some muscle mass overall. My main weaknesses are my legs, glutes and calves. Others are lateral head short heads from tricep, forearms as in need more belly for the flexors and also brachioradialis, rear delts and upper traps height and serattus thickness. My height I 6 feet. Anyways my main goal is to get a good proportionate and striated physique body(IFBB graded).
Anyways guys im not scared with hardcore workouts as long as i can improve my performance. Please help guys! Thanks

Might be a couple routines on this site actually… likely hiding in the “workouts” section

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look up kingbeef thread or do mountain dog