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Routine Recommendations for Strength Gains


I’ve been lifting for the past 6 years and powerlifting seriously for the past year and a half or so, however, never on one particular routine or another. I tend to bounce around from lift to lift on what I’ve come to know as training A.D.D. I am looking for advice on a solid program that focuses on overall strength gains for the big three. My current stats at ~165 are squat: 450 deadlift: 525 (conventional) bench: 275. Currently I am lifting five days a week on a high volume low volume split.

Monday: chest
Bench 5:3
Pause bench 2:5
Dumbbell fly 5:8
Weighted dips 5:10
Tricep extensions 3:12

Tuesday: legs
Squat 5:3
Front squat 3:8
Leg press 3:10
RDL 5:8
Hamstring curl 3:10
Calves work

Wednesday: active rest
HIIT on row machine
Shrug 8:5-8

Thursday: back
Pull-up 5:10
Deadlift 5:3
Bentover row 3:8
Pull downs 3:10
Curls 5:12

Friday: shoulders
Standing military press 5:5
Upright row 3:8
Lateral raise 4:10
Front raise 4:10
Shrug 5:15

Saturday: accessory
Hit muscles I feel I slacked on during the week
And some sprints

Sunday: complete rest day

Any recommendations or criticism would be much appreciated.


If you weigh around 165 and those are your lifts I don’t think you need to worry about what you’re doing.


I appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback.


Give Brian Schwab’s M2 Method a whirl. Incorporates, bands, blocks, chains etc. I love it.


I will have to take a look at it. I’ve heard about it briefly but never really looked into it. I will definitely check it out. Thank you.