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Routine Questions

Hello, I am new to these forums and need advice on a routine. I can only make it to the gym Mon - Fri and don’t mind going alot.

I am looking for a routine centering around compound lifts. How would a routine such Mon Upper Body, Tues Lower Body, Wed Rest, Thurs Upper Body, Friday Lower Body work.

Upper Body days consisting of Bench, Deads, Chins, Barbell Rows, dips etc. The Lower body consisting of squat, stiff leg deadlift, various calf raises, weighted ab work.

In conclusion I am looking for a routine centering around compound lifts that each muscle group could be targetted 2 times per week.

Looks ok except you have Deadlift as an upper??

Base one lower day on DL, one on squat and call it good.

then vary your pressing and pulling on upper maybe a day doing verticle press and pull. Or a day doing all unilateral DB work.

Switch it around to doing lower body on Monday & Thursday and upper body on Tuesday and Friday. Everybody does chest on Monday so this way it’s easier access to equipment. For lower body, throw out the calf raises and “ab” work, then incorporate lunges and step ups. Keeping correct posture (hips tilted back, scapulas (shoulders) retracted, head up) while doing the lifts will take care of your abs. Then, on an off day do some active recovery work. This can be light cardio, light circuit training, and/or dynamic stretching.


Bench Press 5x5
Barbell Row 5x5
Dip 5x5


Squat 3x10
Good Morning 3x10


Pullup 3x10
Military Press 3x10
Barbell Curl 3x10


Deadlift 5x5
BB Lunge 5x5

…and that oughta do it…after progress stalls, switch 5x5 to 3x10 and vice versa.

Read Chad Waterbury’s Rep/Set Bible. It is always good to visit the author’s locker room and take a bit of time reading through the articles. It is tedious, but worth the time when you find an article you like.